Thursday, January 10, 2019

clever bastards this digital robbers!.........

friends, dato and tanseri,

clever bastards these digital robbers!
they conned me of rm19,500.50 just now about an hour ago.
their timing was very exquisite.

i just came back from umrah a week ago. my brain still racked with virus, my body aching all over especially my back from too much tawaf, and i was just finishing my last patient at the clinic in sjmc when there was a ring and a voice saying he is from high court kuala terengganu

" what is the matter? i dont happened to querrel or hit anyone in terengganu as far as i could remember? "

" no sir, but you have a high court case tomorrow in kt, subponae number blah blah, you better write it down........blah blah blah. it is public bank versus nik isahak wan abdullah, you have a credit card non payment of rm 40, 500.50 etc etc etc "

" i have no credit card with public bank....."

" you better speak to our officer sir...", another 10 minutes with a malay speaking gentleman, who at the end of the conversation surmised that i could probably be victim of  a fraud.
omg! what a way to put oneself into confidence

he took my statement for the court and said he would ask for adjournment of the case tomorrow.
he told me he would transfer the call to pejabat kontinjen polis kt , and after some delay got thru to the specific department.

i gave my statement to an 'indian' asp this time over the phone.
after sometime she said this is above her head, i also need to give statement to her 'boss' acp dato tan.

"please adresss him appropriately sir as he is my boss, tuan, would be appropriate i think"

" dont worry asp, i will call him dato.."

"doctor we recently caught a chinaman, ong ka tim, we suspect is a drug dealer. your public bank book and credit card are one of the 40's we collect from his keeping.......blah blah for another 15 minutes......" we need all your banking details as this also involve checking with bank negara blah blah blah "

" i don't have my detail with me now, let me go home and you call me back"

after 1 hour of conversation these bastards already have me 'goreng'!

"for the next 3 days or so we and bank negara need to monitor your account closely, so we will be in contact with you every 4 hours.....i am giving you a number here and you need to change your banking hp for these period of monitoring say in half hours time.
we will you a sim card by fast mail, and after the operation you need to send back the pin card to the department..", acp 'dato' tan sounds very convincing.

lo and behold while having tea at home at 4 pm,, i told my indonesian maid about it all.

" noor, some drug peddler in terengganu has got all my ic detail and using it to open a bank account under my name...the police and bank negara are handling it now~!....bloody bastard these people!"

then i realize it could all have been a fraud! a robbery only possible in this age of digital banking!

" sorry doc....they have taken 19,500.50 rm from your acount. they leave you with 20 rm....just 20 minutes you want to make a police report? ", said the pleasant looking cimb officer, matter of factly.

" it is ok marm.......i will go and have tea tarik downstairs at the mamak shop with that  remaining 20. rm.....then i will forewarn all my friends. these bastards are so good and suave.
they 'goreng' me today. "

this is digital robbery.
i would not waste my last 2 rm for even a police report.
innallillah hiwainna ilai hirojiun.
my dear mrs will hang me for weeks on this one!
the clever , plausible robbers have their day today.
insya allah i will have mine in yaumiddin!

'what is not mine is not mine, even when it is already almost past the throat!'

i still have my life to whisper to allah, alhamdullillah!

when i told my sons , nadzru and johan about my misshap over a late dinner,
johan consoled me,
" it is ok still have your life"

the family umrah has not been for nothing.