Sunday, July 26, 2020 pirates, highway men, glc chairmen and al qawiy yun amin....

" One of the two women said: O my father! Hire him! For the best (man) that thou canst hire is the strong, the trustworthy." (al qasas,26) qawiy yun amin...

Mosses after flooring and accidentally killing the coptic man [ belonging to the same tribe as pharaoh, ' the qifti' tribe ] while trying to settle between the man and an israeli man , escaped to the hills beyond pharaoh's reach. Pharoah's men searched every nook and corner of Egypt for him.

Homicide was a  crime punishable with long imprisonment in old Egypt.
Am Israeli killing a Qifti was high treason....a most heinous crime, unthinkable and must be an example off !!

There amongst the hills,he met two ladies, both daughters of nabi Shuaib, tending to their flock of sheep., queing at the waterhole. Nabi Shuiab, impressed by his daughters encounter with that strange young man , send his people to search high and low for Mosses.

Al qawiy yun amin, in any culture, transending time, are two qualities not just ideal for any employee, in those mearge difficult hills bordering Egypt, were hard to come by in such tough environment, that nabi Shuiab considered ideal as a potential son in law. Age was catching up very fast with the elderly frail gentleman.

Shuaib's men finally met Mosses in some 'warong' somewhere, and as they say , the rest is biblical history!

"  And the king said: Bring him unto me that I may attach him to my person. And when he had talked with him he said: Lo! thou art to-day in our presence established and trusted. (54) He said: Set me over the storehouses of the land. Lo! I am a skilled custodian." ( surah yusuf :55 ) 

.. al hafiz un alim...

Yusuf  not only was not only able to interpret dreams, he was , apart from being 'al qawiy yun amin '   , also possessed two additional hafiz un alim..
He had all the skills, knowledge and wisdom to navigate very difficult circumstances.
He openly offered himself to the al aziz of that  time to circumvent the seven year long expected super tough time for Egypt. This period predates Mossess time and Egypt in that era was still runned by al aziz, who were all god fearing, and had not reached the arrogance and the intransigence of the pharoah yet.

al aziz readily accepted Yusuf's offer, and as history had it, Yusuf became the chancellor of the ex chequer, and despite seven long lean years, Yusuf's  wisdom, strategy and skill ful statecraft, ensured old Egypt had a soft landing at the end of the very trying time.

Fast forward ourselves to this current millenium, and zoming in on the current year 2020, in this very trying era of COVID 19 and potentially global collapse of economies, large and small, one cant help but be touched by a sense of panic, however supreme optimist one tries to be!

In the centre of the storm we have POTUS whose only claim to fame, if one has the benefit of history to look back to in the decades and years to come, is that just ' baik sikit pada' Lord Sutch of the Monster Roving Loony Party of the UK of the roaring 80's.
I say if we are lucky because if this chap got re elected in the coming election, we may even see a third world war. A military  accident in the now crowded South China Sea, or if China  become successful in dislodging the US dollars as the central currency in the global oil market may send this mad lunatic in Washinton to war.

I do not think this chap can comprehend the gravity of MAD [ mutually assured distraction].
He has neither the al amin, nor al hafiz or al alim.
As to al qawiy, just may be he has, with the likes of Stormy Daniels ' dan ladies ladies  yang sewaktu dengan nya '.

Coming back home, I am also very worried.
Our current political numero uno, to be ' very very polite and generous ', and I am going to be at my most polite best this early morning, he may have the al amin, the al hafiz and the al alim bits; but regretably, he don't have an iota of the al qawiy. His ailment is very serious.
Of course Dr Jemilah, who was my student 4 deades ago would vehemently disagree with me.
In this a free country, she is free to do that.
If I am his scientific adviser I would not even asked him to even think of his current post.

Across the other side of the equation, we have a very  untiring old man who has gone well passed his expiry date, and at present quite toothless and has lost most of his 'marbles'. 
Along side him is a chap who thought he has to be pm even long time ago when he was in sixth form and whom , the untiring old man thought is not ' morally fit ' to be one!

Across the board, back to the numero uno's side we have highway men and ex pirates heading the glc's
Go down a wee bit further we have the lembu people, the tabung haji peole , the wilayah and etc  and etc all wishing the pirates and the ustaz will have pru 15 soon and their cases exonerated and declared or decreed ' all clean' by a future fumbling AG

And finally way back behind the scene, ' tanpa malu dan segan ', we still have bossku still weaving his wizardry playing the ' wayang kulit '...

What ails our nation?
Sampai begini rupa kita tak ada rasa malu dan segan ' stabuk' , to add my favourite teganu   expression, [ i am kelantanese but i love teganu kite ], kat Allah dan makluk2 Beliau seantero dunia !!!!!!

So much for al amin, al qawiy, al hafiz and al alim this morning.......

Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah
Subang Jaya

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dear Ru and Joe......'' Chasing the Dragon! "

Dear Ru & Joe,

Papa am excited this evening when you guys told me ,you two, are  interested in the 'Lailatul Qadr '. That is the true spirit my sons!

We are now in the last 10 days of the Ramadan....The Lailatul Qadr phase, better than 
' seribu bulan '.
This not a metaphor. It is real. 
Only in this part of the Nusantara, we collectively take as 'figurative'.

In the middle eastern diaspora, the advisories both in the uqran and hadith, are taken very seriously. If you happened to be in 'the Haram' on the 27th of Ramadan, there is not an inche of wastered  space within 1 km radius of Baitullah, even 2 hours before magrib.!!!!

I am afraid the Lailatul Qadr phase is all about waking up in the wee hours of morning and doing your tahajud prayers mainly and taddabur quran, ideally  from 12 midnight onwards right up to sahur.

Papa termed it as a 'lottery' for the Muslims but one of papa's friends took exception to that expression, but I am not interested to get into arguments involving ' pedantics with him. He is an al mu"tazilah moderen , so , let him be lost in his discourses and pedantics! 
You and me , we don't have time for that.

The best way of course is to do the Rasullallah's way, [ pbuh]. His night prayer was only 11 rakaats , according to a well known hadith as narrated by Saiditina Aiishah.
But what a prayer it is !!

After fatihah, our nabi  read surah al Baqarah, followed by Ali Imran, and An Nisa; then the second rakaat , following the al fatihah, he read surah al Maidah and so on and on.
By the time nabi [pbuh] finnish his Qiam, which is only 8 at the most, before his witr's 11, he must have finish the whole quran, allahualam.

You and me,  we are 1000 times very much lesser mortals.
We cannot even string out the 1st 10 surah of the muqadam ayat by heart, let alone by heart surah Abasa.

What is the solution then?
You guys can follow one of the many recommended by renowned tok gurus , like Ustaz Ismail Kamus etc and etc.,

Papa have my own personal way , dictated by the time available from the time I take the ablution to sahur time.
Now that this the last 10 days, I try to wake before 1.00 am which give me a a good 4 hours
before your mom start calling for sahur.

Papa's way is not the best way but papa is trying to make the best between what papa collected here and from tok gurus over time, in the process I am am afraid some of them had 'brain damaged' papa into choosing some 'favourites' and some not  so 'favourite' wirid, which 'softened' papa's heart, rightfully or wrongfully, allahualam.
So those enumerated here are  really a personal ' choices ', tailored to papa's current need and sensitivities , but within the limits and rahmah given to us by Allah.

Given that my ' hafalan quran ' is very limited, and over the years I have collected some 'nuggets' here and there from diverse tok gurus ranging from the outright ' sufis oriented tok gurus to the likes of the straight jacketed individuals like Dr Maza et al, and also of late I have found an interest in using the asma al Husna as powerful zikr, I have approached the Qiam this way:

1. 1st cycle of tahajud prayer followed by astagfirullah , say 100 times, then

Ya Latif   129 times [ dont argue with  the number, you ca do 100, 200 or 1000. 129 respond to the cumulative addition of the numbered numerals that make ya Latif...Khiai Muhammad Bhakiet's recent discourse is referred ]

Ya Fattah, Ya Razak, Ya Wahab, Ya Ghoniy, Ya Mughni.....say 100 times, again the numbers are arbitrary , dictated by time.

Ya Salam

Ya Zaljala Liwal Ikram

Ya Qadim, Ya Daim, Ya Ahad , Ya Wahid , Ya  Somad ....say minimum 100, again arbitrary.

La ila hailla Anta, ya Hayyu  Ya Qayyum [ Shaykh hamza Yusuf's favourite litany, which papa picked up. he must have picked it up from mauritanian desert sojourn under a famous murabit there!]

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim

Ya Muhyi... 68 times [ refers to Khiai Muhammad Bhakiet who I think took from his tok guru and tok guru finally from Imam Al Ghazali ]

Ya Allah....if you have the stamina, 5000 times

2nd cycle of tahajjud prayer, followed by Fatihah, 41 times

..Doa nabi Yunus, " la ila hailla anta  subha nakainni kuntuminaz zolimin .''...45 times

...'' Subha nallah wabi handihih subha nallah hil Azim, astagfirullah '', 100 times

..'' .La ila haillallah huwah dahu la sari kalah lahul mulku walahul handu yuhyi wayumit wahuwa ala kulli shai in Qadir '', say a 100 time , minimum, more if you have the time

3rd cycle of tahajjud prayer, followed by Fatihah 7 x, An Nas 7x. al Falak 7x, Kul Huwallah 7x, Kul Ya 7x, Ayatul Kursi 7x and 
finally the last 3 ayat of al Baqarah 7x

........our ubiquitous surah Yasin

.....'' Hasbunallah wani' mal Wakeel '' , 450 times

...Your favourite short selawat to the nabi, 100, 500, 1000 time...the more the better.

4th cycle of tahajjud, followed by ila haillallah  hal malikul haqkul mubin....100x

....kalimah toyyibah, '' La ila haillallah '' , 1000 times il haillallah huwah dahu  la shari kalah,
  ila han wahidan somadan, lam yalid walam yu lad walam yakul layu kufuwan Ahad, 3x, 100 x ila haillallah, muhamadan rasullallah,
fi kulli lam hatim wa nafasin ada damaa wasi ahu ilmullah   3x , 10x , or 100x, depending on your mood.

.....end your tahajjud prayer phase with this very potent wirid cum doa, as related by ibnu abbas in termidzi and ibnu majah, also one of papa's favourite short wirid cum doa, a panacea of all ills and doa.
papa like the cadence of the wirid and also it contain at least four to five of allah's most beautiful names:

la ila haillallah hul azhi mul halim
la ila haill llallah ya rabbul arsil azim
la ila haillallah rabbus samaa waa tiwal ardhi rabbul arsil karim

If time permits, papa do 4 rakaat of solat hajat, over 2 salam...
[ handed down by the late allahyarham Ustaz Dato Ismail Kamus...!st rakaat, after fatihah, followed by 10 kulhuwallah; 2nd rakaat, 20 kulhuawallah, then salam. In the 2nd set , 30 kulhuwallah and in the last rakaat, 40 kulhuwallah.
On completion of the 4 rakaat, another 50 kulhuwallah.....then followed by a short , doa with respect to what is your hajat. YEs, I know, papa's 'wahbis friends will have a field day here, but I have a four full hours to 'fill' before the sahur!! ]

BY now it would have been around 430 am, you still have 20  minutes to do 4 rakaat of Solatul Tasbeeh, washed down with 10 minute or of Solat Taubat , 2 rakkaat.
Dont waste too much time on the doa part. If you reach this level, Allah knows what you want . 
HE knows you heart!

Just say 
Taubat again 

...May be repeat  Doa Nabi Yunus,

...and read one short ayat from surah al Ghafir, ayat 42...'' wa ufawwithu amri illallah innallah ha ...Basirun bil ibad '',  many times as a form of zikr...[  I leave all my affairs with Allah, HE is all seer of his servants ]

........'' allahuma inna ka affuwon tu hibbul afwa wa' fu anni  ''

...Wash off with the usual 'Rabbana atina........."..

[ sons, in Lailatul Qadr, try to avoid asking too many worldly wants, imaging you guys are whispering sweet nothings to your LOVER,  THe BELOVED,.....we just want to close to HIM...nothing else matters! ]

[ It would be  5 am now , and your mom will be calling for you to have sahur..]

My advice to you guys.
At this juncture don't ever get closeted by anyone tok guru.
Go for safety in numbers!

So many of them plying the tubes nowadays, especially the younger ones who are IT savvy.
They may not be the best tok gurus  to start beefing up your ugama knowledge.

They may end you up wearing 'blinkers' throughout you earthly life and be a ' kera sumbang ' in this already peaceful society. 
You can see many of these 
kera sumbang' in the masjids nowadays, percolating to one corner, looking at their hand phones, while the rest do their collective doa and wirid, following the imams!

Have an open mind and learn from as many tok gurus as you can. 
Collect your ' big data' first. 

WHEN YOU REACH MY AGE, IF YOU Still DECIDE  to be the  closeted  safety of the Wahabis , go ahead.

Or you think the rest of the people are not thinking people, you can decide to take the ' arrogant route ' and join as the  al MU'tazilah Moderen, go ahead, but mind you , you are on a slippery slope from here on!

At the end of the day I want you guys to have the right ' equipments ' to be able to appreciate the exquisite joys  and pains of Rumi,  the steadfastness of ibn Arabi, and be able to comprehend the ' inner demons  and crises ' of Al Ghazali,; the same time be able to accept and chuckle and enjoy ' kampong ulama ' like Azhar idrus and Ustaz Abdul Somad et al; and can also tolerate  narrow minded guys like Maza or Rasul Dahri and comprehend their utter confusion of their ugama.

You are on safe ground after your life  long of ' big data collection ',  insyaallah

Ramadan , I want you 2 guys to think off , as a great open university!
The Lailatul Qadr phase, is a ' test', also a test of your tenacity of purpose.

Insyaallah, the lessons learnt, could percolate down into you lives, to revived in the next Ramadan, as we slowly, slowly , creep into our varying phase of ghaflah [ heedlessness ] as as is common of us , the Homo Sapiens!

Happy hunting, sons!!
Post ramadan, continue your tahajjud, albeit with shorter wirid, and zikr.
If Allah opens up your 'hearts', HE will make your get addicted to this routine.
If that happens, don't forget to tell papa about it!


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday, November 24, 2019

on fikr & dzikr..........

Subject: ........fikr, dikr and their relation to each other

if you are rather confused thus far about fikr and dikr; whether they are 2 in 1, or 2 separate, or 2 inseparable; ...which is the chicken and which is the egg...? ; chicken 1st or egg 1st or both together?

this one here is an erudite scholar's perspective of the subject:

very lenghty scholarly discourse, but if you like the short cut, and find yourself lost in the labyrhine of discussion, or you find the discourse rather too convoluted , then just follow hasan al basri's equation of happiness for this life and the hereafter.
hassan al basri was  a tabi'in .
spent  his childhood being brought up in one of our nabi's wife's household.

al hasan [ d. 728 ],of modern day basrah in iraq,  famous early ascetic and gnostic said:

“Seek pleasure in three things: the [ritual] prayer, the remembrance of God’s name, and in the recitation of the Quran. If you find pleasure in these, fine. If not, then know that the door is shut.” 

In short: the invocation as “repetitive recitation of sacred formulas or sacred speech, whether it be aloud or inward” is the very foundation of the Sufi path, “for one can only reach God by constantly remembering His name.''

in short, a trilogy of regular :

reading the quran with understanding.

states and maqam..............

[   ]

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

on fasting...........isnin khamis or fasting nabi daud

Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Wed 11/20/2019 7:35 AM
.....on intermittent fasting & exercise, exercise and exercise...........
tq akhim

i hope you would not mind if i cc this copy of your reply to most of my friends and some patients of mine.
you are an inspiring individual, gifted with great health and iman.
you are not born in islam like most of us.
allah gave your heart islam....mashaaallah!

you are a living example of excellent health... a 70 year norwegian of german parentage running around wild in cherating with azizah, a 'beautiful  lady with all hearts'. 
i hope your azizah take good care of her heart valve and does not not forget her daily warfarin....

a man of 70 with a heart and mind and body of a 30 year old!
you reminded me of the celebrated english author oscar wilde's dorian gray.
at least a muslim version..... running wild in our very own backyard in kuantan!

every time you come to see me in my clinic i have a surge of should be on my side of the table!

how is your zikrullah getting on?


tq akhim.
my back is ok now though i am quite limited with what i could now.
no more horseback riding, at least not the kind i used to do in my fifties!
i am now just limited to the two legged ones only , even then with a lot of help!

From: ola nybolet
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 6:18 PM
To: Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah
Subject: Re: surah al a'raf .....ayat 8 to ayat 15 .....& 4rd discourse on fikr

Assalamualaikum Dr. Nik, always nice to hear from you.

Thanks for the Dr. Janson Fung article (youtube) n fasting... 

I have used intermittent fasting, and even better, exercising in a fasted state, for years.
And you, dear dr. Nik, knows my heath status over the years, and still now at 70, I can do things that I did in my 30's - 40's, alhamdulillah

It goes far far beyond weight loss.  It is a hormones and or health changing tool par excellence.  How can it be otherwise, as it is part of Allah's (swt) limitless wisdom?  That's why also, Ramadan is a gift, both spiritually and bodily health.

I have a useful link regarding fasting and exercise, Ori Hofmekler.  He has written many books and articles about our bodies health options, not always (or rather, mostly not acknowledged by the medical establishment), unfortunately.

Regarding me, I am Norwegian, but my mother was from Germany.  Although she spoke only Norwegian at our home, I am learning the German language as part of keeping my brain in an active state, and also because there are so many good books and programs that are beneficial on manty fronts.

I do regularly watch two programs from NDR.DE (on my smartphone),  Nord Deutsche Radio, Die Bewegungs-docs and Die Ernährings-docs.  The first one use movements as healing therapy for many illnesses and sufferings etc., and the second, uses diet as therapy for healing illnesses and  sufferings.  In most cases, the results are very good, provided the participants are motivated and follow the instructions etc. given by these docs.

I like these programs because the docs here, goes beyond what is taught in medical schools in general.  Proper diet and movements, according to ones metabolic type and ability, when properly guided and executed, is, as always, one of Allah's (swt) gift to his creatures everywhere and at all times. 

Yeah dear Dr Nik, hope you are getting better with your back pains/problems... I pray for your good health and long healthy life, insyaAllah, for you and all of us.

Wassalam from Akhim (and Azizah, she is doing quite well, considering her valve replacement, age and all :).

On Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 8:43:55 am MYT, Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah wrote on intermittent fasting,