Friday, August 3, 2018

of oranges and apples.........a conversation in cyberspace

From: Dato  sri  jg
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 2:50 PM
To: Nik Isahak Abdullah
Subject: Who to vote for?

doc nik,

At a Zakir Naik event, a Malay woman asked the preacher,

"ln the election there are two candidates - a Muslim who is incompetent and corrupt, and a non-Muslim who is competent and honest. Which one should l vote for?"

Naik replied, "Of course, you must vote for the Muslim. If he is corrupt he will answer to God."

I saw this remarkable exchange on YouTube. 

What do you think? 


On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, 19:06 Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah, <> wrote:

i will vote for tdm, dato.....anytime.
rather than that 'carbuncle'  that nearly bankrupt the nation.



From:  dato sri jg
Sent: Tuesday, July 24,

You have very nicely evaded the question. 


On 24 Jul 2018 22:49, "Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah" <> wrote:

dr zakir is not always right, dato

but he is a good man

years back we used to lose every theological debates with the trinitarians..i can still remember that.
we got hammered left right and centre.... 
people were beginning to say islam is a 'rubbish religion, founded by a paedophile, whose billions of adherents found nothing better to do than to go round a black box.
 round and round and round!
that seemed to be their life ambition and total preoccupation.
even your good friend syedharijumaatapakahnamadiadah also thought so!.

then came along ahmad deedat of south africa who knew the injeel  in all it's variations, old and new,and the taurat, like he knew  the back of his palms.

that was well before utubes and  misshapps and facebook!
we started winning debates

zakir naik is 5 times better.
he knows the qur'an, the bibles and all its variation
he knows bhagavid gita, and all other hindu scriptures better than the hindus 

oftentimes i ask myself why only we muslims have to be  so apologetic when we are  winning in the intellectual discourse...

is not ugama an intellectual discourse?  a search for truth...
and we are all looking for truth, not heresays from ulama, scholars, priests or monks...

just because a few ignorant  and biased hindraf people  are making  'animal' noise out there, we have to apologise and incarceraste the 'postman' !

dr zakir naik, despite his carbuncle , warts , and allah's gift to the ummah
there may not be another zakir naik for decades!!!!

just my humble opinion dato... 


From: dato sri jg
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 11:17 PM
To: Nik Isahak Abdullah

I have watched his videos. You are right - he does know his scriptures well, and can quote it in accurate detail. It attests to an understanding of the text, and an unusually good memory.

However, it is well to bear in mind that memory is only the capacity to retrieve information. It does not necessarily imply logic or contemporary good sense. 

I have listened to his answers to questions posed by his many admirers. The less l comment on his values and good sense (as l perceive them) the better. 


On Thu, 26 Jul 2018, 23:06 Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah, <> wrote:

one has to be generous dato.

memory, information and knowledge are cheap.
wisdom is priceless! 

he has superb photographic memory.
almost inhuman in quality and quantity. his wisdom is superb.
     he lives simply in a 2 bedroom flat in india.

the 'kufur west' and all the  'kufur east 'would like to incarcerate dzn because he can out debate them all  in their 'ugama'.

they have no rational answers to his responses of their own queries.

when you cannot beat a person , label him!
that is what these 'bastards' have doing since sayyid qutb, maududi etc etc up to morsi.
    this is not new.
    it is a game polished by the kuffur west and now joined by the kuffur east as well

    and if this game does not work, 'kill' them politically of even physically.
    too many examples abounds, across history.

tdm, if his idea of east economic caucus [eaec ] was successful 15 years back , would have been ripe for an 'organised accident' by the cia.
his idea didnt...the japanese chickend out! he survive.

saddam, ghadaffy were not too lucky.
they got their necks stretched! 



One should always be generous, l agree, but one must not idolise uncritically. 

A critical faculty is vital in a rational human being. It offers one a sense of realism and balance, and saves one from the silly excesses of adulation. 


On Fri, 27 Jul 2018, 03:54 Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah, <> wrote:

i agree with you  dato
if you read me well dato i don t idolise easily...

what you are reading ,  a couple of sultans and a dozen  or so tansris also read.
i am at the age when i dont apologise anymore.....
reverence, if you notice, is not my cup of tea.

their egos oftentimes also got bashed every now and then.
i used to get 'dirty and angry letters from them .
but to me truth is more important than reverence...
if not for the change in the govt, i could well be eating nasi kawah in sungai buluh........


From: dato jg
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2018 4:10 PM
To: Nik Isahak Abdullah
Subject: Re: Who to vote for?


You must acknowledge that many, many Muslims in this country, even leaders, idolise ZN, and swallow uncritically everything he says as their 'belief nutrition' . This is what l find unpalatable. Perhaps you too might agree. 

Nothing that another homo sapiens says can merit total acceptance and uncritical adulation. Nothing. Wars, genocides, bigotry, backwardness, and untold cruelties and bloodshed, are all created by such kinds of uncritical acceptance and lazy thinking.

Some have argued that the Peloponnesian wars (4th Century BC) had been earlier carefully examined and debated. Up to a point, yes. They were - but only by the Athenians, who were a highly civilised and intelligent community. (Socrates and Alcibiades were among the soldiers.) But their enemy, the Spartans were among the worst hooligans of the time. (They later formed the core of the army of Alexander the Great of Macedonia.) 

Since then, wars and bloodshed had always been created by unthinking mass belief and hysteria. Because thinking through war issues, one can always find solutions that lead to peace. This is something warmongers and bigots do not like to see. 


On Fri, 27 Jul 2018, 21:02 Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah, <> wrote:

credit must be given when it is deserved, dato.
you are not generous with dr zakir naik .

there is a science in religion, known as 'science of  apolegetics', propounded by the christian missionaries many decades ago to brow beat the muslims

they already had beaten the muslims in africa and asia and dominated them  physically and financially,but intellectually they have to devise a science to brow beat them at the mental level as well....thus the science of apologetics....

until ahmad deedat arrived on the scene  and brow beat the best of their pastors and ministers.

now that we have dr zakir naik who has a background and capacity times 5 times more than  the late ahmad deedat, why do we socalled muslims want to apologise!!!!

i cannot understand your rationale.......


 From: Dato  jg
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2018 10:21 PM
To: Nik Isahak Abdullah
Subject: Re: Who to vote for?

I have no patience with all forms of pretentions or bullying. 


you should study history, dato
the spanish inquisition etc and etc
the present state of affair 
who is bullying who ?

oftentimes with you dato, i wonder whether i am communicating  with a muslim or  with a non muslim.....😃😃😃😃. you dont seem to derive pleasure and comfort at all in being a muslim, i would have thought. everything about islam is negative.

you are missing the elephant in the room.
the muslims are being bashed left right centre from time immemorial!
more so today.
you mention you want the syariah...your ulama get droned...your country get decalred a pariah state.....the security council pass a resolution banning all forms of trade with you etc etc etc.
they get even cnn, bbc and aljazera  to incarcerate you  years before to lay the foundation for their actions etc  etc and etc..


From: Dato jg
Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 11:33 PM
To: Nik Isahak Abdullah
Subject: Re: Who to vote for?

Hello doc,

It is strange that you should ask me to read about the Spanish lnquisition. Perhaps you do not know that l had spent four years at an ancient university studying Economics and Philosophy (and that included European history, including the Spanish lnquisition, and the backwardness and cruelties imposed by religion). 

As an undergraduate, I had also spent a whole summer in Spain, exercising my Spanish language, and visiting museums where l saw the actual instruments of torture used by the Catholic Church on scholars who used logic to think, or ask simple questions on the "teachings" of the Church. They sickened and horrified me to an extent you can never imagine. I discovered at that young age that reason and religion simply cannot co-exist. 

To quote to the well-known Nobel laureate in Physics, Steven Weinberg:

"Good men will do good things, and bad men will do bad things. But to do really, really bad things, you need religion."

By 'religion', one must also include beliefs and ideologies such as Communism, which has no room for honest enquiry and respect for logic and evidence. 


On Thu, 2 Aug 2018, 22:56 Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah, <> wrote:

hello dato,

it is obvious we are apples and oranges.
by religion i mean personal faith.
faith in a god that is concurerntly personal as well as universal.

in my scheme of things, if i am in your position i would be feeling really depressed.
i am going into that 6 foot by 2 foot hole in the ground and i am confident there is no posterity  at all for me!

no accountability. no heaven and no hell...
beginning to sound like john lennon's paradisal home  high up in the sky! 

what is keeping me going now at even a relative young age of 66 is that hope , minute as it can be, but still a  possibility that in my other life i will be in ' a mansion that rivers of honey and milk flow underneath and i would have to take my  private jet just to survey my musang king estate, etc and etc...." 😊😊😊

.....on the contrary if i dont do well in this transient earthly life i will  be ' a bouncing baseball oscillating from in the  oven of hell , up and down , up and down, a journey of which is equivalent to 50,000  earth's years'😎😎😎

that description is not  from dante's inferno mind you dato ... . i think it is ibnu qayyim's, correct me if i am wrong.,

it is figurative of course dato.
hell or heaven, whatever it may is certainly figurative beyond our comprehension, but certainly heaven and hell is not a metaphor.

in your world it sounds pretty constrictive,definitely depressing  especially when we go beyond our 3 scores and ten!

tell me dato how can i change your position?
really, i am sympathetic to your predicament.

dr nik


You replied on 8/3/2018 6:54 AM.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

tok bali re-revisited; ecrl; najib ; tdm ; dsa and all that jazz.......

the three of us, ts ming, nadzru and myself, just met again, this time at as sa'adah, ts ming's palatial home on the hill somewhere in melawati, over nasi kerabu with 'daging bakar' and 'ikan panggang', done in grilled santan , ala kelantan style.

7 years back it was over briyani in pavilion, kl.

now, puan sri herself was there serving us ,to make sure our berbuka puasa was nothing less than perfect.
a perfect dinner host indeed!
tq puan sri.

time has passed all of us so fast. to me it was just yesterday when we were passionately discussing about bringing  the federal government of najib tun razak to court. 
it was not najib's fault , this one.
he was just carrying over tdm's legacy of the 90's:
to kill a rat, drain everything dry and leave it starving.
starving the kelantanese did went thru....but after 25 years they still vote pas!!

with two million usd war chest pledged by ts ming, i was then quite impatient when nadzru was dragging his feet over details.
[  ]
it has been 7 long years ago,omg!

we were even thinking of having a qc from london.
then husam , our principal witness, got knocked off from his exco position.
shortly later persona non grata to the kubang kerian istana.
then the whole state exco joined the 'dedak list' of najib.
we lost our locus standi.
a private citizen's case has no standing in najib's court.

tonite,  7 years later, we were still on tok bali.

" we have come one whole circle ts ming. what we cannot solve, allah have solved for us.
tdm has atoned for his 30 years of crime to the kelantanese. he has promised 20 % in wang ehsan.
what i cannot comprehend ts is why your chap in kb is just happy with 5? ", i quipped.

" i mean these pas people must have all their heads examined! they think they can only get 5 % because they still must insist they want to remain out of goverment.....and this bring me to another logic which i cannot comprehend. i cannot believe that the 90 million rm lose change that najib handed to them binds them so much to amenu that even ''in sickeness we do not part''.

"amenu is a sick man now and will be sick for many many years to come howk!..they have not recovered from the shock....  they are still in denial phase!", nadzru added, quite impatiently as he was in a hurry to move on to his favourite agenda on the list : ecrl.

" all the more ru that pas should abandon them....politics is like a typical 'kelantanese' marriage...if it does not work one  usually move on quite early! in pas case, even a 'polygamy' is practical and possible. they should join the government now. leave amenu to settle her problem. if they are worried about the 'talak' with pan in pakatan harapan, they should'nt. why should they?. 

their separation is only talak satu.....even if is three, they can do a 'cina buta'.......i am sure people like dr zul in pan are magnimanous and generous enough to aceppt them.......poliitcs is the game of the dont just sleep and be one partner is permanent...if need be one can even sleep with one's enemy....only aspiration and vision remain permanent."

" to me it is 'sambil menyelam sambil minum air' tansri.....not only it will prosper kelantan and terengganu but in one swift act, pas will also strenghten the muslim content of the government.  dap will be made to know its place in the scheme of things...", said i

" i think the main issue nik howk is not pan but i suspect it is dap...", ts ming gave his view, after much thot.

"i think tdm is a very pragmatic man and in a hurry to leave a cleaner legacy this time around, ts ming. allah has prolonged his life up to this point for him to clean up the mess he left know and he knows  beggars dont choose. with 65 % malaysian being malays and muslim, dap even having more than 40 in the dewan is not exactly strong. if their mp's are arrogant they will not be in government next time ts, the problem is telling pas what is the right thing to do. the whole pea brained leadership has lost their hala tuju....they still think they can control putrajaya...they are delusional".....

after half a dozen more 'kopi kao', our subject moved on to ecrl.
nadzru suddenly became more animated and lively.
obviously his favourite subject.

" 2 years ago i bumped into tdm at an oil and gas conference in dubai. i was surprised. he at 90 plus and still interested in things like this....we both attended a round table discussion amongst experts on issues surrounding railway and land transport linkages. a well known expert in the field opined china has it right extending land bridges in the far east namely in thailand and even in africa. ecrl is part of their game plan as well a railway link they are building in the south east  industrial corridor of thailand linking bangkok to the extreme south east of thailand.
it is a busy emerging industrial belt.......blah blah blah", nadzru rattled on like a mail train.

"their game plan is to move oil from the west thru klang or a port in south thailand and in the east from the sprately field which they assumed is theirs, and from the look of things will be theirs unless we want to go to war with them.

china is in the process of connecting kunming in the north thru a  terrain gap between the Tennasserim South mountain range and the Titiwangsa North. West China economic activities in petrochemicals must be linked to the Thai EEC and the Kertih-Gebeng corridor and together to a West side Port. It has to happen.

if we cancel the ecrl, china will look for an alternate port on the western side of the isthmus of kra and our port klang will be a dead duck!

ecrl , ts and nik howk, is about connectivity , connectivity and connectivity.
it is a good idea.
but when najib came into the picture he sees 30 billion rm coming back to him to cover up his 1mdb debacle!

......from our perspective, with natuna oil and gas reserve, and it is a very big one, just some 10 kilometres from our kelantan basin,  nik howk, ecrl is not just about moving your kerepok lekor and nasi dagang business. it is very relevant to us!

the quantum is not whether we cancel ecrl or not. the quantum is rather can we reduce the construction cost and scale it down.." nadzru was almost out of breath, churning out the figures and drawing map and plan on the table trying to impress both of us 'non expert' to comprehend his ideas.

" ru, i got priveledged information from my good friend dato rahim who has been a significant railway player over the past 40 years locally.  he and his friends could build ecrl for below 25b......but unfortunately on ecrl i think china must already have us by the  balls. it is already a done thing. we need to get them to sympathise with us. i do not thing we can bully them like what we did to sinapo....", i added.

" i think it remain for tdm to get robert kuok to convince china that they have to scale down the price. it is still dowable. kuok has got a lot of leverage with the chinese president.
it make sence for china to not want us to be too poor. unless they want us to be like sri lanka....we have been very quiet on the sprately islands querrel unlike the phillipines and the there must be some form of quid pro quo....", ts gave his valuable and 'worldly global' contribution to the discussion.

" i feel ts, if you ever happen to meet your neighbour tdz, you could perhaps intimate to him for him to dwell on this within the council of elders....that one practical proposal to get us out of this ecrl mess is perhaps for china to build, finance wholly, the whole project themselves and own the railway....  we need not own the railway despite it being on our land ... they own it.... ..perhaps we can agree on a 30 year lease or so...that way they will make sure they use the linkage and in the meantime we malaysians can be their passengers! ", occasionally my friend ru does show his brilliance. in the oil business he is second to none from the malaysian perspective.

" either that ru or the chinese has to scale down the price to 50 % or less. we can of course get people like dato rahim and his friends do it for less the half the price but the issue of finance is still ours......i like your idea of the lease to china. it also solve our potential problem of underusage at the same time....", i added.

after more coffee, we moved on to dsai incarceration over 10 years in sungai buluh.

" nik howk, 10 years is a long long time......tdm has apologised but i am sure deeper down the acrimony within dsai family and himself remained...", ts ming appeared pensive with this comment, we getting sleepy any way.

" ts, i just had the preveledge of talking to a jailbird recently who came to my hospital.
he was in for 4 years. not semi vip like dsai though who has his own room and spent most of his time at the sick bay...that in the malasysian prison system is very rare.....this chap stayed in a cell of 6 people. i asked what he did to kill his boredom, 18 hours a day in the cell in between breaks.....he told me each of them 'play with their minds' has to be a mind game otherwise they become insane! he said.

omg! ts and ru......i would go mad even if i have house arrest for 10 years let alone in a prison.
even if i go on zikr mode, how many 100,000 thousand zikr would there be in a day?
dsai must have finish reading all the books in the prison library and what books are there in a prison library!!?? "

" i think nik howk,it is must have being the hope of the reformasi that keep him sane all these years..tdm cannot turn back the clock. dsai cannot turn back the clock. so can none of us",ts ming said after much thought

"just may be ts , just maybe...insyaallah that will a positive  thing when dsai takes over from tdm. experience maketh a man. i sincerely hope all that solitary confinement will change him towards becoming a better man......

this is a malaysian tragicomedy. insyaallah things will get better for him and for all of us as time unfold...tdm would not be there for very long. he had pulmonary oedema last year and nearly died in langkawi....with htat kind of heart,he is certainly a candidate for sudden cardiac death...then dsai will find he really missed the old man!"

i cannot help being a heart doctor, always reading things 'in between the lines'.......

insyaallah...only that we can say!!!!
allah give power to whom HE choose
allah takes power from whom HE choose as well
to HIM we all shall return.
HE is the journeying and the anchoring.

we ended our pow wow at exactly 2 am, as we sleepily crawl back to our respective home in subang and klang  from ts ming's palatial home in melawati.

post script:
nadzru just added , to further our discussion on ecrl, natuna, kelantan basin et and etc

Re: Demand Supply

Today, 12:12 AM

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

madarij as salikin....station 4.....fear & hope

friends, dato and tansri,

fear and hope is the next station in our journey to god.
a balanced admixture of fear and hope that is.

to the muhsinun and the salik, fear here does not denote fear of the dark; bankruptcy and  poverty; ill health and old age dependency; or at the macro level, fear of the belligerent monarch or dictator.

to them, in this life, it is fear of being distant from god; fear of losing his closeness.
in the next, fear of not being able to see him; the fear of being entirely forgotten for the whole of eternity.
high ideals even the average ordinary muslim cannot comprehend.

hope is an easier quantum to comprehend to the faithful and the non faithful.
this planet is just a small tiny weeny dot in the universe, a very tiny weeny dot in a tiny weeny corner of just one galaxy.
the universe contain at least one hundred billion galaxies!!
trillions and trillions of tiny weeny dots peppering the galaxies and milky ways..

to the agnostics and the atheists, they cannot comprehend why should there be a god asking for acceptance and remembrance from them when  they are just the tiniest of dot within a dot in a tiny weeny corner of a dot within soo many many other dots.
it does not make sense for the necessity of a god, this huge universe.

gasses coming together to form cells.
and cells coalescing together to form multiinuclear cells and finally organism.
from organism , the big leap to monkeys, gazelles and man!!?
this life is just an incidence and accident of time.

but even then they still live in hope.
they hope that their world would just end with their demise on this planet.
so while here 'enjoy and be merry' is their credo.
if things do not go right with them or actually awfully wrong...end the pain with suicide.

to men and women of faith our hope hinges on the preamble to the opening verses of surah al fatihah
and all succeeding surah.
god is most compassionate [ ar rahman], and always compassionate [ar rahim ].
he is also ya wadud, and ya mannan
he is ya ghaniy, ya razak, ya fattah, ya mugni and ya wahab.

the salik and the muhsinun ossilate in their daily life between a  healthy balance of fear and hope.
that is the clever muslim.

do enjoy prof ovamir anjum's beautiful and cogent discourse on the 4th station in out journey to god.

dr nik isahak wan abdullah

part 1:
[   ]

part 2:
[  ]

Monday, May 28, 2018

of malay college, tunku khursiah college, dsai , rafizi and all that jazz......

an old malay collegian classmate of mine [ fifth formers, class 69 ] and also a close neighbour, the other day , jokingly asked in our class tea tarik session as to what they put in the water at tunku khursiah college that could produce a monstrosity that never tires of having 250 over  hermes and birkins and just only about 114 million rm in lose change in 26 different currencies!!

i pointedly adviced him to ask his dear wife back home, who is also a product of tkc, of course with the proviso that he forewarn me of the time when he would do so.
i would get the subang jaya hospital ambulance ready in front of his bungalow to ferry him pretty quickly to our er , just in case.

this friend of mine also asked me to look into my crystal ball to get answers as to why 'rafizi et  al' is making too much animal noise and whining like a mad dog in the background?

after a lot of thot i told him one does not need crystal ball to answer this paradox.
the whining and barking is surely at the behest of someone more senior.

remember the 1st day of the now forgotten awani tv interview tun dr mahatir when he got news that pakatan harapan had that minimum 112 parliamentary seats.

"we will seek royal pardon foe datuk sri anwar ibrahim but that is going to be a long process, the paperwork, etc and etc...."
while it take waiting more than 12 hours for the young sultan to give a royal audience and consent to tdm , the superquick'' royal pardon coming a day after is a world record of sort..
a  few days later dsai visited johor royalty.
that expansive bowed kissing hand greeting, shown nation wide, very prominent in all viewers minds.

a week later yab wawi and daughter took a flight to kota bharu to pay courtesy visit to spb's mum and dad.

this flurries of activities while the grand old man, tdm, was having sleepless nights and busy , from amongst other things, giving a very public scolding to senior govt offcials at putrajaya for their obvious ommissions and commissions; and conferring with the jedi counsel on how to proceed next; canceling the out of the world sinapo-KL fast train project estimated to cost 100 over billion rm to the taxpayer; thinking about the ramification negative and positive of doing the same to big brother china iwth respect to erl; etc and etc.

[....this is a digression of course, my dear tdm..if you are plying the east coast highway as i do monthly for the past 3 years between telaga papan and KL, you would not have to waste your grey mater over this ecrl issue: there is currently not enough kerepok lekor and nasi dagang buisness to even support the highway for the 5 years, let  alone a 66 billion rm ecrl at the last estimation , and not including cost of land acquisation!  ]

these whinning animal noise coming from rafizi is uncalled for from my perspective oand i suspect of millions others who voted in pakatan harapan.
we voted with our feet down for change , YES! for change for the better.
we did not vote particularly for dap or keadilan.

for most of us keadilan is just a party controlled by a robust crowd of indian socialist lawyers hiding behind the popularity of dsai. take away dsai from keadilan, the party will fall flat on its face.
remember this: we want change and we are significant. you guys better get your act together and give that old man your 100 % support

we know that the monarchies have no love for tdm and would love to see dsai take charge rightaway.
we believe there are elements in keadilan and dap who would not to see tdm having two years at the helm as this will give pribumi time to breath and prosper.

but we , majority of the people who voted for you guys to be in do believe political consideration and infighting has to give way to real work at the top end.
there is much at stake and the complexities of the economic woes that befall us due to najib's avarice and stupidities need  clear head and massive experience to solve.

we believe if dsai and his young punks are too eager to be at the helm too soon, we will be in deeper soup as soon as we just about to get out of it.

that i believe is my very honest 2 cent worth, unadulterated and uncensored... and i think millions other malaysians who care share the same sentiment.

we need not apologies for we know if you guys muck this up we will vote you guys out,come ge15.
if i am you dsai, i will let the old man sort out all the problems, set up the institutions that need to be  propped up.
at 93 tdm will tire himself in say 2 years and your job from there will be much easier.
tdm is great at doing the dirty jobs!


dr nik howk

Thursday, May 24, 2018

madarij as salikin........station 3...tafakkur and tazakkur

station 3 on the path to god......
tafakkur & tazakkur,   contemplation and remembrance

[  ]

more on tafakkur & tazakkur,

[   ]


pearls & gem, revisited:
on death and dying.....sept 2008

one of my early write up 10 years back while in a pensive mood.

in a week when we send numero uno packing, and insyaallah to sungai buluh , for a long long time insyaallah, this is a good reminder for pm's , ministers and politicians , and even monarchs,especially monarchs actually.....who may think there is no tomorrow to account for!

every single cent, ill intentions and actual omissions and commissions are actuated, audited and accountable in the supreme court of yaumiddin.

there is no 'pandi' or 'arul anaconda' on that day to say things are all above board!

an anecdotal recollection of kota bharu in the early 60's

[   ]

madarij as salikin..........station 2 , al taubah

station 2 of the path to god, al taubah, repentance....

[   ]

pre-requirements of repentance:
ikhlas, regret and resolve

[   ]

still on repentance:
inner secrets of repentance...muhasabah [ deep self accounting ]; takzim al jinayah [enormity of the sin which are relative];
ahzar al khaliq [ self righteousness ]

[   ]

madarij as salikin......ranks of divine seekers.....stations

stations of path to god...
station 1: al yaqaba, the awakening

requirements of station 1, al yaqaba......

episode 9:
repentance part 3