Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem :Vernacular Schools

Friends ,

We have several 'sacred cows' in Malaysia .Ketuanan Melayu being one of the 'cows',which is a very nebulous concept when the Melayus inhabit more than 90 % of all low cost housing in the country and own less than 15 % of the country's wealth [...and can someone tell why the NEP limits it's target to only 30 % and not 55 % ?].

The other 'sacred cow' is Vernacular Schools .[ see my October 29th blog :Our Education System has failed !].

When Mukriz Mahathir brought up the issue of vernacular schools being a hindrance to the concept of unity in Malaysia we can hear all sort of discordant , muted and irrational rebuttals from Gerakan ,MCA and DAP and also our new resident clown ,Samy Vellooo [ when is this botak going to retire ?].I am more interested to hear what our Mr Viagra Chua Soi Lek has to say ,especially after his recent burst on 'Ketuanan Melayu .The Melayus ,Mr Viagra Sir ,would rather own 70 % of the Nation's wealth than being a Tuan .Nothing is sacred ,not even the Malay Sultanate ,[ especially if they do not behave themselves as expected of Rulers ] for the Melayus if we have to beg for pittance in our very own Tanah Air .

I am reminded of Tan Sri Musa Hitam's advice many years back when he was much younger and more vibrant :" We Malays sometime has to be kurang ajar a bit only then others will respect us ".In 2008 ,it means let us insist on getting back to the 'master bedroom' ,not remaining on the verannda of our very own house.

And not having to apologise about it .It is sickening and bone chilling to see Pak Lah and our future PM designate did so several months ago .You cannot call a spade by any other name !A spade is a spade [ see Sept 26th blog :Lest We Forget....] ] .

Dr Nik Howk


Pearls & Gem said...

Addendum :

For the past 24 years I visit Singapore annually to attend conference in cardiology .I have yet to a Malay Singapore cardiologist in that 24 years or so !Let alone an SAF fighter pilot .So much for a soceity based on meritocracy .Singapore malays are only good as General practitioner .I refused to believe this .

Back home in Malaysia ,60 % of doctors are Indians .40 % af all Malaysian engineers are Indians .Non of the Malaysian billionaires are Malays .Except for Ananda Krisnan all are Chinese .

Temples ,churches and mosque are everywhere .No one has yet been prevented from practicing or embracing their faiths .

So what the heck about these Hindraf fellas wanting to present their grouses to Baroness Apakahnamadiadah in London ?

What more do you guys want from us ?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nik,
Your views and comments contained in your articles will receive overwheming coverage and encouragement from UTUSAN MALAYSIA.
They are very much in need of writers of your calibre and idealogy. Who knows, your may be carrying their logo on your next international endurance ride.

Anonymous said...

Dr Nik,
If you are not aware already, your views and comments on your articles will receive overwheming response and encourage from UTUSAN MALAYSIA who are currently in dire need of writers like yourself. Who knows, you may be carrying their logo to an international endurance ride soon.

Pearls & Gem said...

....Malaysia does not operate that way my friend .

I have been fairly vocal in my sport ,endurance , since I was one of the prime mover of the sport in its infancy and because occasionally I tend to use a wee bit more of my grey mater ..and wheredoes that lead me ?
I have been sidelined .

In things politics ,thank Allah ,I am fairly free to comment because they cannot 'potong' my gaji .
We have a whole load of prof s ,phd's and cerdik pandai's who just know 10 times more than me and more grey mater but most keep quiet...cari makan punya pasal .

Just take the case of ulamak bashing .Even that clown Samy Vello also considers himself an ulamak now because our ulamaks are very timid ...takut susah cari makan .Cannot even think about having a website of their own to explain and counter .Instead we have to contend with discordant viewpoints from secular minded individuals like Raja Petra ,Wahti from NST etc etc and I forgot my favourite punching bag SIS or is it SooS .Samy Vello et al thinks these are already ulamaks viewpoint !

Anonymous said...

My Good Doc.
Just look back and really understand the National Education Policy passed by the act of Parliament in 1963. Its intents and purpose. Had the National Education Policy been strictly adhered to by subsequent Education Ministers and the Malaysian government, Malaysia may not be in the mess it is today.