Wednesday, May 13, 2009

....*#&* you!

I am not alone in thinking that there is gross lack of wisdom in handling of the Perak affair. Tan Sri Abu Talib of Suhakam thought so but is more polite and ask for the raayat to decide. Veteran UMNO politician, Ku Li does not mince his words:

"The unfolding events in Perak had damaged the rule of law, compromised the judiciary, police, and state civil service, and damaged the monarchy in public opinion. It is better for the Barisan Nasional to risk state elections that we may lose than to lose the entire country by been seen to be opposed to decency, the rule of law and the will of the people."

Well, Ku Li, despite all the early 'tuition' and 'schooling' that NTR seem to get, spoon fed to him from the early age of 26, if this is the way this chap is going to run the country, AI et al is not going to complain and they will make mincemeat of him.

The billion ringgit issue is when you ' sh**h#*ds' are at loggerhead with one another, the raayats are not served at all and taxpayers money is being lost!

The raayats are disgusted ,angry and screaming inwardly!!!!!
Please guys, please come back to common sense. We are sick and tired of this utter nonsense.
I would not be very wrong to say that many of us Malaysians, within UMNO and outside UMNO now would have wished that Ku Li [ or for that matter TS Musa Hitam ] is at least 10 years younger. We would not have this kind of 'shit' going on. He definitely has more ' sense', wisdom and grey mater to run the country. Running Malaysia is not easy. AI of PKR may sound brilliant but can he control the excesses of HINDRAFF or Karpal Singh? At least Guan Eng has revealed he is utterly inspired by Caliph Omar Abdul Aziz.[ When is Karpal ever going to learn, despite the fact that he is already rubbing shoulder with another Omar Abdul Aziz personified whenever he drops by in Kota Bharu for his PKR meeting?]

'Hindraff Radio' may be the loudest in town but the poor rural and urban Malays, by and large, still remain our biggest problem and UMNO has been sleeping on this for the last 50 years, choosing instead to enrich only themselves and a few fat cats. We need a new look at 'affirmative' action and it does not matter whether it come from UMNO or from PKR. [ Or even a combination of both, if truly the Nation comes down to that point, why not.???!!! Politics means you do sometime need to sleep with strange bedfellows, even one night stand, if the situation is really called for! ] The raayats are just fed up right now. We need to examine all possibilities and probabilities.

"You come with reverence before the blind and wait in the hall;
but in the presence of those who can see, you behave with disrespect."

That is the problem within UMNO! Protracted state of denial, 50 years of affirnative actions going no where except to the selected few [ the Malays are still beggars in their own motherland ] , whistling in the dark, inundated by clowns like KT's and JT's, clinging on to power.
Prognosis: Chronic. Incurable. Most likely terminal..........


Pearls & Gem said...

PS: Forget about Perak, it is the economy .stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

well Dr Nik , events will fold in the near future that may prove you wrong..I hope.i still believe that man with good breeding is slightly better than me..huhu!

Pearls & Gem said...

I hope so for the survival of the ummah,Fiz.