Monday, July 6, 2009

Dr M raps Najib about Omar Mustaffa Ong


On 11th February I wrote on my Malay College form-mate, Mohd Hassan Marican under "Personalities Section' and pointed out that six month down the lane there will be move to replace him. Lo and behold, just last week we had an exasperated Dr M knocking NTR on the knuckles for intending to 'plant in' Omar Mustaffa Ong into Petronas management board! Another Oxbridge product, we do not mind about[ more Oxbridge the better but pleaseeeez get them tobe wise first. We cannot afford anther of those 'wet in between the ears' Oxbridge! ] . But what seemed to worry the senior statesman is not about a possible future 'run' on Petronas coffers but rather Ong was an associate of KJ and was one of the '4th Floor boys'. Why KJ deserves such wrath from the old man is anybody's guess!

One can understand NTR's move to have Ong inside, even though we do want to question his 'wisdom' for doing that. Why change something that is working very well?

NTR , understandably though, may want someone he can 'talk down', not up!The board's refusal so far in accepting Ong's admission, albeit on a technical basis of a' scholarship non repayment', is a blatant example of the premier 'talking up' to the board!

From the raayats viewpoint we are not interested about personalities, not even NTR whom we can remove come next GE if he is not careful about what he does and whom he promote!. Ong or whoever can wait. We , as Petronas's real stakeholders, are more worried about people making a run on its reserve and fund. That is raayats' money not anyone grandfather's future war chest!

Dr Nik Howk

Read : Mohd Hassan Marican, 11th February 2009, Personalities section.


Anonymous said...

No comment.Petronas money politics is beyond my humble reach, Dr Nik!

Anonymous said...

Pluck a 38 year old from somewhere and let him manage Petronas? Sheer madness. Definitely with an ultra motive intention. There are many in Petronas who have been with the company for more than 20 years and I am sure one or two should be capable of running the company. Definitely not a 38-year punk from somewhere else.

Mat Ribut

Pearls & Gem said...

We have gone thru this route before.NTR must certainly learn from lessons 'unlearned' during his predecessor's time.Harvard,Cambridge or Oxford are just platforms. These punks must go thru the mills and acquire experience and more importantly wisdom.
But I guess NTR wants someone here totally 'wired' and configured to say 'yes' everytime to Sri Perdana Putrajaya.
That period and phase in our political development ,I am afraid, is already over. People are closely watching the PM and Mrs PM and any more 'nonsense' from them,BN will be penalised heavily at the next GE.Clowns like KT etc etc will no longer be tolerated within the 'public space'.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on your last comment, Dr more nonsense from politicians whenever they come from!

Pearls & Gem said...

The incident at Wisma Masalam wrt MACC is symptomatic of how low we can be in the realm of governance...
Catch the small fries.
Go after the chap who spread the goods thru 'sembelihan lembu'
Harass his people to brink of suicide,....or homicide
Go after the small policemen and meter readers,
Concentrate on forms,forget the substance.
Pull wools over people on the issue of PKFTZ after all the billions had already gone to MCA and UMNO coffers for their war chest etc etc.
New policies means more govt projects to dish out.....
Dont these ministers ever use tehir brains when there come out with their policies that affect millions....
1st English for Science and mathematics, then No...malay student remain backward,Chinese still cannot proper Malay after 11 years of schooling....When are they going to come to the conclusion that Malaysia just need One Stream in education with accent on Bahasa and English.Chinese and tamil students can learn Tamil and Chinese as extra.
That would be better than the jingoism on 1Malaysia

Pearls & Gem said...

...You may want to know how old this new maverick is : 37!
...Of course 'they' are not so stupid, 'they' will have someone older, even older than Hassan to 'wet nurse' this young maverick for a couple of years. That way it look credible....Malaysia is a Land of Forms with little substance.