Thursday, January 14, 2010

Iqbal.:.....The Complaint....& The Answer...

The Complaint....[1909]

We[Muslims]blotted out the smear of falsehood from the pages of history
We freed mankind from the chains of slavery.
The floors of Your kaabah with our forehead we swept,
The Qur'an You sent we clasped to our breast, [but now]
Your blessings are showered on homes of unbelievers, strangers all.
Only on the poor Muslim does Your wrath like lightning fall.

The Answer.......[1913]

'All you drink the wine of bodily indulgence,
Leading lives of ease without strife.
Dare you call yourselves Muslims?
What kinship of the soul can there be
Between your ancestors and you?
As Muslims your forefathers were honoured and respected;
But you gave up the Qur'an and now by the world are rejected.'

Muhammad Iqbal

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