Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gai Eaton aka Hassan Abdul Hakeem....Nuggets of Wisdom

"Providence, however, has provided compensations to the decline of spirituality in our time; the destruction of barriers which formerly separated one 'traditional' world from another has made it possible for us to look further afield if we must; Those who do so run very real risks like tourists wandering innocently in an unfamiliar land. They may expect to meet 'gurus' who claim to offer easy access to the peaks of Hinduism quite outside the enduring body of Hindu tradition, neo-Buddhists who have little acquaintance with the orthodox schools of Buddhism, 'sufis' who have turned their backs on Islamic orthodoxy, and even 'geniuses' who have borrowed bits and pieces from every religion under the sun [adding a little magic for good measure] and offer some brand new religion to the brand new people of this age. One way or another these false prophets make their appeal to pride and ignorance, inflating the ego with a poisonous wind."

Gai Eaton in 'King of the Castle'
[ 1921-26th February,2010 ]

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