Monday, April 25, 2011

Faces in Islam : A Journey of Worship by Yasir Qadhi

I thought earlier that I have finally done and finished with the topic, 'Faces in Islam', but on second thought that would not be a good ending, with issues of bidaah and contending personalities [ and I have not touch on Shiite yet ! ] .

'A Journey of Worship' by this young ulama', Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, is probably the best ending, tying up what have been a perfect ending in our rather pedestrian and fleeting journey across the Muslim spectrum across time and peoples across continents.

Journey of Worship, Yasir Qadhi, click here

Mashaallah ! How beautiful. It is back to ilm, ilm ilm ilm and ilm.....and connectivity 24/7 ! This is inward spirituality. Quality of deed , spurred by knowledge.

" I expect to be rewarded for my sleep as I expect to be rewarded for my tahajjud "
Muaz bin Jabal, a companion.


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Shaykh Hussien Yee, a scholar with 'salafi' leaning.
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Ustaz Ismail Kamus, known for his more 'liberal' views, has more humour talking on the same subject, he is forever young at heart, having just remarried recently. He is one of my favourite local ulama'. Incidentally , both are correct.....fullstop.
click here

And of course we cannot leave Prof Harun Din out of the picture. I will always remember him for his most profound statement some 26 years back to a group of us 'medicos' about to embark to Mekkah for The Haj. I was leading the medical team ,looking after 26,000 Malaysian pilgrims.
" The spirit and inner meaning of Haj is a rehearsal of your own Death, the loneliness and desperation of Padang Mahsyar, the calamity of facing and crossing the Sirat ". Reminded me of my earlier reading of the Shiite intellectual/ulama', the late Ali Shariati, also on 'Haj'.[ I was a young man in a hurry then, the usual regime and regimentation given by other ustaz on haj bored me ].Ali Shariati's small treatise on 'Haj' was excellent reading, the best in fact on Haj so far that I have read. He touched on the spirit of the haj rather than the various method and the fuqaha aspect. As a sunni one just need to avoid the last chapter, when he went 'ballastic' on us.
For Prof Harun Din,click here

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