Monday, September 10, 2012

For Those Who Think :

Was in Alor Setar over the weekend attending to a medical school classmate's son's wedding [ Dato' Dr Zahari Che Dan].
Across the  table, one neurologist, 3 general surgeons, 3 family practioners, one timbalan naib chansellor and a lone plumber.
All talking of old days  'exploits' some 35-40 years back. 

I recollected borrowing Zahari's brand new sport bike to 'tayang' to a girlfriend in SecondCollege, MU.
It was an uphill climb.
On coming down the  steep Second College hill I could not understand the brake.
Whizzed across the road at 60 kph into the belukar !!
I am still alive today, mashaallah !

Could not sleep that night.
Life too short.
All of us, across the table, in our varying frailties and not 'young' anymore....
Never like this kind of meeting but this is a necessary  social 'evil' in our daily fabric of life....

A new website is born..............................
We will start with probably Menk's tafseer of al Fatihah, perhaps too elementary..
Dr Israr's would probably be more comprehensive...............
Utube is still not around when Mawdudi was here  otherwise he would be interesting........
Syed Qutb is more radical
Interesting possibilities, combination and permutation

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