Thursday, January 10, 2013

Philosophical Quarrel with God.........


I saw your beloved  Fred, 3 days ago. His heart is ok. But when we discuss' politics', after the threadmill session, and when the subject somehow veered-off to Islam, it dawn upon me that, obviously like a 'sore thumb' sticking out,  Fred has some nagging philosophical difficulties with God himself, which need some fine tuning.

He reminded me of  our mutual colleague Doc ZZ 'who is angry with God because the current Islamic worldview,according to him, could not take in the concept of evolution'
Fred's problem with God is not as chronic as ZZ's, but nonetheless,even not on the same scale, is almost as bad, if not resolved. 

I am poorly equipped to confront these two eminently educated gentlemen on their intellectual differences with God but  I believe if they read in between the lines the 'khutabahs' in the 'Reflection' and 'Key to the Garden' series in my collection of  'utube articles', this would make my job easier when we do meet later over tea-tarik. I am certainly  looking forward to several tea-tarik session with Fred in future, just for him to name which 'mamak' shop. Turning him around would be an interesting academic challenge, with your tacit agreement , of course.. No venture no gain.....


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