Saturday, July 20, 2013

' me the straight path '

'Show me the straight path', 
Reminded me some 20 years ago when myself and the late Ibrahim Promet found ourselves lost in the myriad of small lanes in downtown Makkah, going in circles.
We saw an elderly Arab man and approach him, " Ya shyakh !..ihdinassirotolmustakim  ila makkah hotel!? "
The old man understood us and kindly lead the way.
Admittedly, the path to  hotel makkah was neither straight nor short.

Shyakh Ninowy here talks about  "ihdinassirotolmustakim"
In essence, it is not a straight path.     
It is not easy either. 
In fact it is tough. Oftentimes you lose friends as well  
It  is the path one takes after fully immersing oneself in 'Allah's' colouring'

not 50 %, not 60 has to be 100 %
If it is  just 50 %, 60 % , you get what you get with those clowns in Tahrim Square right now.

And they are Muslims! Almost all of them.
They  think 'ihdinassirotol mustakim' is a continued free lunch from Uncle Sam.

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