Tuesday, August 27, 2013

.....monologue on egypt

Doc Azman,

You are a graduate of the Egyptian education system
I know you go to their medical school in Cairo in the 70's  and not to the famous brother university, the al Azhar but by your silence on this Egyptian debacle, I hold you fait accompli in this mass slaughter of Muslims by  socalled 'Muslims'.

I would love to call these 'socalled muslims'  and  the 'people  sewaktu dengan mereka' as hypocrites but I am not a scholar, I do not have the prequalicationa as such, so I will stick to that term instead.
I know you are at all not  related to the butcher from Assisi but your resounding silence is deafening!


As way back as early July, the reknowned jurist, Shaykh Yusuf Qardhawi has already given his advice and fatwa on the possible ouster of Morsi
WE, the Muslim ummah , have always looked up to his fatwa on whatever subject  before, but why now the sudden global  inertia and selective myopia.

Had guys like you and thousands others from the al Azhari alumni joined in the bandwagon making ' 'animal noise' against it, this subsequent bloodbath could have been avoided. Where is the OIC [ oh i see ] ?

Your 'cik gu' in al azhar, the sheikhul al azhar, was so quiet like a poodle, no fatwa, no advisory, nothing..........
until the infamous photo shoot with the general and the 'imam' of the coptic church. He certainly know which side to butter the bread ! So sad for an ulama of his calibre and office. It is a shame really.
[ when  does a 10 % become more important than a 90 %....my god ! what kind of equation is this! ]

After the bloodbath , he conveniently disappeared from the radar screen!
Frankly, the office of shaikhul al Azhar has lost its meaning , we should not bother about them anymore, as  a source of rujukan

Our collective silence is a crime in islam, my friend.

nik howk

ps: now i can conprehend why nabi used to say, at the bottomomost of the heap  in' an nar' are scholars and scholars ! scholars who are just there for the 'cari makan'


28th August


a patient of mine who has an office in cairo told me today he is harbouring one of his egyptian consultant in kuala lumpur.
otherwise this chap would be hunted and killed by the egyption secret police. such is the ferocity of the egyptian security apparatus on their search and 'kill' operation.. true to expectation, the secret police went to his house in a cairo suburb, and confronted his wife and family.
. how long assisi and his gangsters are going to persue this path we do not know. this is pure madness.

the fatwa has been out. assisi  and the current egyptian government is illegal morally and from the syariah perspective...this is qardhawi's not from al  a zhar.
sheikul al azhar is quiet as a poodle. we should all stop looking to al azhar as an institution famous for its juristic direction.

al azhar as an institution of fatwa has all but lost their moral and religious high ground. their reputation in tatters.
even shaykh qardawi is not safe from this group of gangsters!!
this is the position of islam today.
the real muslims become terrorists and the munafikuns rule the day......this is dunia akhirzaman.

nik howk

ps : ...and doc azman, mbbs cairo u , why are you sooo quiet? you can say your piece you know...

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