Saturday, October 12, 2013

....By Time [ demi masa ]

by time,
verily! man is in a state of loss
except those who believe, and do good deeds,
and recommend one another to truth and recommend one another to patience

surah al-asr

To a believer, in a day, one third of the night past midnight has special significance.
The skies are 'filled' with 'people of the higher circles' [ alam malaikut ] looking out hard to register any prayer and doa to be 'percolated upward.'.

In the days of the week, Friday has it's significance. The time leading to the Friday noon prayer is a feast for believers.

Amongst the months, Ramadan carries it's very special weightage, and in a year , the last ten days of Zulhijjah are very heavy and  pregnant with meanings and worth.. Of the last ten days, Wukuf day [ the day of Arafah ], is the best day of all. 

Of that day, the period between the Zohor and the Asar prayer at Arafah is the most precious time of all time for the whole year. And within that the day, there exist a short window period,
between Zohor and Asar [ Arafah local time ## ] when all the '  skies in seven heavens ' open up and the veils between the ' abdals and the Master ' just exist within the hearts of men [ or women ].
The best time for prayer, doa and supplication.

In Malaysia, that time this year would be on 14th  day, this month,Monday, between 5 pm and 8 pm. The day and time when there is ' no veil between the slaves and the Master ', unless of course our hearts are hardened to spiritual meanings and eyes dry to things of the 'al-ghaiba' !

Where would you be at that time on that auspicious day, my friend?
..and will you be thinking of Him and your days ahead of now, or still too engrossed in 'collecting the garbages of this ' al- dunya ' ?

May I humbly suggest you, for a short moment at least, to drop all things of this 'al dunya ', and  be on your 'sajdah' , praying and supplicating, do whatever, even crying, and if your eyes are too dry......just pretend.  If we ' pretend ' hard enough and frequently and long enough, insyaallah, even that heart that has become rock-hard like stone could soften.
....and when it melt, mashaallah ! You could be one of  Rasullallah's guests at 'al-Kauthar'.
Have a good weekend.

dr nik howk

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footnote : [ ## ]

I was sitting beside Prof Dato Dr Mohd Zambri Zainuddin, astrophysicist at UM, at a marriage do of a friend in Kelana Jaya yesterday. He intimated that several time in the past several decades, the Saudis ' played god ' with time. The Saudis authorities hate to have wukuf falling on Friday since they will have difficulty managing the sudden influx of humanity flooding from the middle east diaspora and also, politically, by tradition they will have to free all their prisoners, political and otherwise, to commemorate the Haj Akbar.

What they normally do would be to  push the wukuf time forward or backward by a day, by in corporating the now seldom used hadith that the 'new moon' can be heralded when ' one or two bedoiun reports its sighting '. In simple language, they played ' stupid ', and this is allowed within the ' traditions '. Sighting the 'moon' is not archaic but picking and choose so that it will not be Friday is 'below the belt.  Mashaallah !!

Never mind modern day technology and astro physics that can calculate right up to the second, if it fits your scheme of things, let us use whatever archaic hadith there is available !!

So my friends why are we soo dissapointed that they are now centrally and deeply involved in yet another dismemberment of another  militarily strong and great Arab nation? It is in the gene inherrent in the Nejd desert.

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