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Paris Massacre, Anger and Resentment....

Friends, Dato and Tansri,

I was surfing the net the other day quietly by myself in one corner in the doctor's common room at my hospital  while waiting for an angioplasty case to be ready in the operation thearte when Dr Liew NC , a consultant vascular surgeon, a born again christian, approached me and asked,

"Nik, why for god's sake are all these young Muslims killing themselves and innocent people in Europe?'
I took a deep breath and pondered:

Doc Liew,

I can be academic and a wee bit untruthful and give you a whole load of rubbish as what Prof Bernard Lewis, doyen of western orientalism, gave some , 20 years back  to  Bush Senior,[ and later 15, to Bush Junior ] citing history right from the Spanish inquisition up to theOttomans emasculation in Europe and the subsequent domination of the Muslim hinterland by the former 'crusaders'I think that is a whole load of rubbish but rubbish enough to provide  Bush senior and later Bush Junior and his British poodle, Mr Anthony Blair,  the intellectual and moral munitions to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
[  ]

These young muslims , they are not schooled and their memories are quite short. So i will give the short but more honest answer to you.

What they are doing is certainly not Islam. 
Islam is submission to the One and Only, and in Islam if you kill a human being, be it Muslim or non Muslim, without rhyme or reason, it is a crime against the whole of humanity.
You will be dumped in to HELL for eternity.
No decent Muslim, learned or unlearned, ever wish this to happen!

But put yourselves in the position of a typical Muslim youth in Paris or Brussel let us say, or even a youth in Baghdad,Libya , or now even in  Yemen. Even in Chechnya for that matter.
if you grow up in Baghdad, during Saddam's time, time was hard but you did not have to live in your own shit. Your father can go to work in the market place and he could bring  some money home for bread and butter.
In  post-Bush's Baghdad, you have no electricity, no proper sewarage system, no proper running water and you live practically where you shit. Your dad and uncles and cousins got their heads head blown off in the market place. The Shia- Sunni querrel got worse.

Between  the 2 Iraq wars several hundred thousands children died from hunger from sanctions. 
After the wars another 1 million died, countless lost their homes. You saw and continue to see your cousins, your brothers and sisters and your children got blown off. 
There is no future.
And above all you see America and Europe got off scotts free!
Tony Blair , General Powell and Bush Junior ,you see , are still free and 'unrepentant' despite all facts pointing to them as criminals against humanity. 

Now let us move away from Iraq to the rest of the Muslim hinterland: Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Yemen , Syria and for that matter even Egypt. Wherever the white Caucasian race have an interest, they have their dirty hands in . 
One can be guaranteed of absolute chaos and mayhem.
If it is not a case of war, even the democratically elected President Morsi was 'demolished' via Western complicity etc etc and etc.

What are these young people  supposed  to do? Shake their hands and say thank you?
And lately , thanks to Saudi , Israel, America and also Europe's complicity, we have the people of Syria being  weaponized to the teeth with the noble intention of bringing down Assad.

There are now currently 1.5 billion Muslims across the globe.
On the extreme right you have the sufis or 'people of the ihsan', whose intention are to 'walk this earth as peacefully as possible , not even wanting to harm a red  ant or even a rat'. i like them very much.

in the middle you have the  great big  silent majority, a motley of nominal Muslims and non nominal Muslims: Sunni  and Shia ; to the extreme left you have 30 million or so Wahabis and Salafis, none of them are as mad and jihadist oriented as what Bernard Lewis and John Exposito et al wanted the world to perceived of them.

You throw in 1 to 2 million Muslims dying of collateral damage from 1000's and  1000's sorties of cruise missiles and aerial bombing , over decades,  not counting hundreds of thousands of drones raining down on Muslim hinterland in the last decade.
If all these can just radicalize just 0.1 % from the extreme left of the spectrum, you have at least 15 million radicals just waiting to die for their religion.

The overriding sentiment amongst ulama  worth his salt, Shia or Sunni, liberal or conservative, is that none of them will  100 % negate jihad as a last bid defensive mechanism open to ordinary Muslims. If he does, he is no ulama.
A great majority will say the present content on which suicide bombing are carried on is definitely 'non Islamic'. Point taken, fullstop.

2 million have died at their hands, is a definitive testimony of that.
Bush, Blair and General Powell are still free running around selling their ware when they should actually be behind bars at The Hague as WAR CRIMINALS!

There is no papacy in Islam to whom one can look up to for guidance.
Guidance is between the individuals and God Himself . 
The scholars only can pontificate and advise.
Islam is a personal and 'democratic' religion, from this perspective
It is all between you and God!'

To these young people, at the end of the day, they ask their 'hearts'
All is fair in war and peace.
'You kill my mothers, uncles and children and cousins, does not matter where, I kill yours'

and to complicate the scenario further, the definition of 'cousin' or 'brother' in islam is wide. 
he could be in palestine, chechnya or kabul!

Now, if one allow Mc Cain or Putin  or that mad chap, Donald Trump, [  who is currently getting madder and madder as the weeks and days goes on, ] their ways, they would  go on to flatten the Levant [ greater Syria and Iraq ]  with nuke and dirty bombs in order  to flush out ISIS. 

They have the logistics and the ordinance to do just that. The PR job and rationale can be organized later very easily.

CNN, Aljazira and BBC can help in making this plan ' palatable ' for the rest of the watching world. 
world public opinion is malleable and a forever moving goal posts!

And  I would be the first to congratulate them for being moronic.
In the process,if by conservative estimate, they could just manage to radicalized 10 % of the Muslim body, the world at large have to deal with 150 millions future jihadists, all well spread out across the globe.
Even the sufis may  be radicalized. 
No one can guarantee there will be no snow ball effect.

again i say congratulations to them. 
go ahead.

The ball is actually in Obama's , Hollande's, Putin's and Cameron's feet.
even hillary.
If they think they can manage to win against 150 million potential jihadis, 

Go ahead!
They are most welcomed!

Doc Liew,

Like Iraq before, no one, and I stress again, NO ONE, is interested in the root cause.
The killing field on both side will increase because all players have lost their sanity.
This is a recipe for World War 3, if current world leaders are not careful!

america, russia  may have MAD.
but in this 21st century MAD is almost totally inconsequential.
if YOU radicalise 1.6 billion muslims, that is the mother of all MADNESS!

This is not an ideal world and this is the reality all of us, peace loving people of the world, have to face.


dr nik

' hasbunallah wani' mal Wakeel '...suffice for Allah, HE is al Wakeel

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