Saturday, April 21, 2018

'madarij as salikin.'......ranks of divine seekers

in this series of discourse prof ovamir anjum,who holds the chair of imam al khattab  at toledo university, usa, discusses on ibnu qayyim al jauzi's  long treatise , his magnum opus,  madarij as salikin, ranks of seekers'.

madarij as salikin is about the rudiments and the basic 'SOP' of traveling light.
it is rather the "SOP' of traveling light for 'idiots'like you and me!
the more difficult book for philosophers was originally written by abu ismail al ansari in the 11th century.

ibnu qayyim al jauzi was a reformer and mujaddid of the 14th century.

madarij as salikin, was written as a lenghty commentary, a simplification and amplification of a short  but terribly difficult treatise to understand in it's original arabic, written 3 centuries earlier by an afghan scholar, a great scholar,, abu ismail al harawi al ansari, manazil as sairin.

prof anjum ovanir has further simplified  ibnu's jauzi's book and 
now he has made it available to us all, mere mortals who dont know arabic and lazy to study the english version, in the web by  a series of  discourse.

as an opening gambit to the whole series of discourse ,enjoy him here with episode 1 & 2.


episode 2:

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