Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pearls & Gem from Surah Ad Dhuha [Letter 99 :Verses 1 to 4]

Friends ,
The phrase 'Insyaallah'or 'If Allah will' or 'God willing' is a phraseology most often used in the Arab world .Too much use that it become abused ."can I see you at 2 in your office ?"..."Insyaallah!" in Saudi Arabia can mean you will be waiting to see the official at 2 pm everyday for the next week or so !Of course in Malaysia this can get worse ." Will you come to my kenduri on Sunday?"..."Insyaallah"...means usually "No, most probably not ".This is not what Allah meant it to be .

""By the morning hours[1],And the night when it is stillest,[2]Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee nor did He hates thee,[3]And verily the latter portion will be better for thee than the former,[4]""

This Surah was revealed in the early formative period of Islam in Mekkah.Before this Surah the Prophet suddenly found revelations stopped for a long period of time.The unbelievers and detractors of Mekkah started to taunt him that indeed Allah had abandoned him.One line of story had it that the Prophet made a confident promise to a group of people about doing something in the future forgetting that important phrase "if Allah will'.Following that the long period of 'dryness' in the chain of revelations was a great object lesson for even the Prophet.
We should all try to make an effort to inculcate this important 'if Allah will' mentality in our daily life.We are so confident that the sun will rise from the east and set in the west tomorrow , that we will have dinner tonight,that we will reach home to see our children by 7,that we will move to that dream bungalow by the year's end etc etc when we cannot even guarantee that we would be still alive by the next breath ! That in essence is the meaning of 'insyaallah '.
'Insyaallah','subhanallah'and 'alhamdullillah': three very powerful concepts which we should readily internalise in our daily lives .Try this for a week I suggest. It is definitely very 'liberating',I must warn you ! Allahualam.

Dr Nik Howk


fuqaha said...

Thank you for sharing your thougts. I found them very informative.


Muhamad Ibrahim (MBI) said...

Fellow commentor Fuqaha seems another though much junior school mate. I think he may arrive here because I have mentioned, unsolicitedly, your blogsite to MCOBA Yahoo forum.

I have further ocassion to peruse your other earlier thoughts. The one on 21 May "Some More Thots on Death" is illuminating. As I understand it, surrendering oneself to the Almighty at the final hour is meritous, and utterance of syahadah is one indication of such surrender. Illuminating but perhaps not surprising that you encountered only two cases of syahadah utterance in the more than 1000 deaths witnessed.

That blog also mentions the case of Allahyarham Tun Mustapha, with whom I had more than a passing acquaintance. He took me on his payroll at a time when I lost a senior job with a large organisation. I always thought he was a "religious" man, so his heart-felt "Allah, Allah.." was consistent. The young lady I believe his wife, a lovable lass from Yorkshire.

Pearls & Gem said...

I believe Tun had a 'big generous heart'and that in the 'final moments' count tremendously with the CEO of the Universe .Just think how many thousands of Sabahans he had 'saved' from utter ignorance.One may say many opted because they wanted the 'share' options offered at that time.But even if this is true ,out of that many , some would finally really find actual 'light' a the end of the tunnel .The next generation of their offsprings would be different Muslims from the 1st 'share option'variety .