Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pearls & Gem from Surah Al Maarij [ Letter 70 : Verse 1 to 4 ]


"A questioner questioned concerning the doom about to fall[1].Upon the disbelievers,which none can repeal,[2]From Allah of the Ascending Stairways[3]whereby the angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a day whereof the span is fifty thousand years[4].".....[Letter 70 :Verse 1 to 4]

Taken in the allegorical sense it is possible for us as human spirits to ascend to that height akin to that of angels .That is the position taken by Abdullah Yusuf Ali .I rather look at the literal sense,and the Big Bang theory of the birth of the Universe come into mind along with the vastness of Al Arash,Allah's throne .

Our universe is an ever expanding entity with galaxies of stars along with their planets moving away from each other since it's birth from that infinitely small concentrated mass several millenium years ago .

At the birth of this Universe when 'Time' was not even a concept ,present day scientists and cosmologists [ a 100 % of them namely 'hard core materialists or to be more blunt , atheists at best ,agnostics ] coined the term ,'zero volume of infinite mass ' exploded .From this controlled explosion gave birth to 300 billions or so of galaxies .Each galaxy contain around 300 billion stars .

['Zero volume ,finite mass' to the proud ,arrogant ,materialist scientists was a euphemism meaning 'we do not know what the heck it is but certainly the building block for the Universe was already there long before 'Time' .To us who would rather speak more plainly ,'zero volume finite mass ' means the '..ucking Universe ' starts from 'Nothing !'.It is as simple as that .This is a case of 'Kun Fayakun':'Be ' and ' so it Be ' .

These 300 billion galaxies that form our Universe are forever moving away from each other at a fast but finite speed to form what is known as the ever expanding Universe .The definite proof for this conclusion came from the observation from the giant Hubble telescope in outer space .Light from distant galaxies showed a preponderance towards the red spectrum in the light frequency , a well established fact you see when the light source is moving away from the 'observer' , a shift in frequency so to speak .Moves towards the purple spectrum if the source is coming towards you and vice versa .A well known accepted scientific observation and dogma .

Why 'Controlled Explosion' ?If uncontrolled ,the speed at which the galaxies move away from each other would result in complete disapearance of the celestial 'bodies' within the Universe in no time .If a tiny weeny bit too slow in velocity ,the whole galaxies will 'clump' together by their summative gravitational forces resulting in a 'Reverse Bang', a cataclysmic supernova multi inter galactic collision.

As a diversion ,an expected collision of our galaxy within which the sun is just one of the 300 billion stars within ,the Milky Way , with it's nearest neigbouring galaxy ,The Andromeada ,is anticipated to occur in 3 billion years time due to a slight diversion of the later 's course as it pass near a galaxy and star sucking super black hole in the future .Cosmologists talk in term of millions and billion of years ,as if our world will last forever .At the rate we homo sapiens are behaving now ,The Lord of the Universe may just call 'enough is enough' even tomorrow !

Putting that aside though ,on the basis of probability , a chance happening of this initial Big Bang formative 'controlled explosion ' ,as it did ,as an accident of 'time' is 10 to the power of 50 zeros !!!If you are a gambler with even a tiny weeny pea brain ,you do not gamble on this kind of odd .Who the hell controlled this event then ?The Lord of The Ascending Stairways of course !

The Lord of the Ascending Stairways that span 'fifty thousand years' as mentioned in Surah Al Maarij could literally mean Lord of the Arash.And how vast is the Arash we may ask ?If one can take the universe literally and place it on the Arash one will not be able to find it again . Like searching a lost pin in a large field of hay .

Why 50,000 years ?If you are an angel going up the Ascending Stairways leading to the Arash ,reporting to your Most High on a daily basis at the speed of light or probably faster ,that trip at that speed may appear as a few hours journey, may well be a 50,000 earth years journey !One abdal [ hamba Allah ] ,' dari mereka2 yang di murkai Allah ' at that , founded this fact some 50 years back and coined the concept Albert Einstein 's general Theory of Relativity .

Ini belum bincang pasal orang2 Islam being the viceroys untuk Allah diatas Bumi yang nyata ini !We as an ummah rationalises ,waxes ,weaves and wanes ,and chooses to wait for crumbs falling off from the 'main table '.We become abdal's to the rest of the world !Itu lah dia nasib ummah yang diberi ilmu dan petunjok tetapi masih ambil pakai sistem karut marut dan cara hidup orang2 lain yang 'sesat dan dimurkai ' .

Allahualam !Mashaallah !

Dr Nik Howk

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