Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Malaysia being run by a bunch of morons?

Friends ,

I am feeling very depressed lately .On the world scale we have to contend with President Bush who is not known to be the brightest of man .No ,I am not blaming him for the recent escalation of oil price .That would be giving too much credit for a moron like him .Even though with advisers with the likes of Dr Rice , and other neo-cons et al ,he is still capable of doing just that when advised .

On the home front everyone and sundry know Pok Lah has difficulty with counting his marbles , but with the recent arrest of Annuar Ibrahim , on account of failure to present himself to Police for investigation and interview ,must have brought down Pok lah's marble counting rating several rung lower .Even my Standard Six daughter can tell that Annuar at present is playing to the gallery ,and rightfully who would not in his situation .CNN,Aljazira ,BBC what have you .'Malu' kita .Ex Finance Minister main buntut , for the second time .

Dr Mahathir's blunder dah cukup lah .Even from the medical standpoint we doctors have been cracking our brains for weeks now as to how a 5 feet 8 inch 60 year old with a bad back and cervical disc to boot can 'prise' open a 6 footer , 25 year old chap not once but twice without getting a proper kick in his 'you know what' .Not yet addressing the issue whether the old chap can get his 'dick' up in the proper place for a decent period of time as yet .Pardon the doctors ,we have to think straight !

If this is 'consensual' then of course it is a different matter .In that case we can be more proud than the French who has Sarkozy .Carla Bruni has been known to sleep with more than 25 men ,Mick Jagger being one of them .We are one up .A potential PM material who is alledged to love the 'buntut' ,and another whose wife mess around with C4 plastic explosive .

I expect Annuar , rather than spending an evening at home hearing to the 'nag nag nag ' of a menoupausal wife ,bright ex eye doctor at that [ Wawi as we call her affectionately during those housemanship time some 30 years back] ,might as well spend just one more night at Bukit Aman playing mental exercise with the SB boys ! [ Especially as he is alledged to seem to like those kind ]And be an instant hero the next day .Especially after appearing so smooth and savvy on TV the evening earlier .Shabery Chik, with obvious saliva salivating down both corners of his mouth , despite his bravado appeared like a schoolboy meeting a pro .

We all know the government wanted to appear very open and above board in having the debate but whatever the government does or does not do nowadays , things are very academic .The perception going on in the coffee shops ,in board rooms and every where is :Is Malaysia presently being run by a bunch of morons incapable of doing things right ?Right from the Prime Minister , cabinet ministers , down to IGP , AG , etc etc ? Suddenly we are back in the news for the wrong thing .And sadly politics and government is about perception .Even the KLSE index !

Sorry friends , I am not usually political .I can sense a feeling of depression everywhere .Price of foodstuff gone up in some instances by a 100% ,contracters running away from projects leaving their workers to fend for themselves ,Transport cost and living cost for the average Ali ,Muthu and Ah Chong escalated and we have 2 clowns , the AG and IGP using the state machinery to get back at people who one day may even be their boss !

They think people can be as stupid as them ! Are we leading to a chaotic police state .Do these 2 clowns know the rule of law or respect it ? People are able to read in between the' lines' what they are doing . In 2008 there are people with MBA's and PHD's ,obviously more qualified than them , walking and pacing the streets ,jobless .Please do not underestimate the Joe Public nowadays !

Are the 'poor suffering' raayats going to have to stomach another long round of 'mattress' extravaganza going in and out of High Court again ? Who are the clowns that are going to replace Paul Augustine and Musa Hassan for the new 'show' this time around ?

What is happening to Pok Lah ? Has he really lost his marbles and really has no control over these 2 clowns ?

I never like Annuar . When he was Finance Minister[ very cocky and not having clever advisers then] ,but does Malaysia has a choice now ?Many now think Najib is never going to be PM unless he is 'brave' enough to ditch his current 1st Lady .No they do not think he is brave enough to do just that ,he will get castrated right away

UMNO is in a complete shamble and still in denial phase . After the Mahathir's era of 'judicial bashing ' and fixing , record numbers of multi million ringgit IPP contracts and others fat government contracts to friends being disclosed recently , followed by the Fourth Floor boys antics in Pok Lah's era , Altantaya's story revealed ,nothing they do now are credible anymore to the more enlightened populace .

In the late Tun Razak's days we hear of a story when he himself vetoed a $35,000 RM extension to his Sri Perdana for a private swimming pool on the basis that it cost too much of public fund .From Mahathir onwards right up to Pok Lah everything are in mega millions .One ex MP's husband got a 200 million soft soft loan just to dabble in the 'cattle' business .With Petronas now even being directed to get into the Boer goat business we do not dare hazard how many more millions is going to percolate down the drain .That is Pok Lah's economic 'injection' .Talking about the crab asking the juniors to walk straight .

We always look condescendingly to our neighbour as a Land of 'semua bisa diatur Pak!'.We in Malaysia ,now has a better equivalent ,'Malaysia boleh !' ."Everything can" in Malaysia . Even can be arranged to look 'legal' .Only the quantum need to be discussed ! The rot started in Mahathir's time ,continued into Pok Lah's era .Where do we go from here .Clowns everywhere !

I can bet my bottom dollar that if we have a National Reelection tomorrow , BN will lose very badly ,worse than the last .


Anonymous said...

Well written and analysed Doc. Not bad really for a medical doctor and one who hates politic. You should be dispensing advise instead of drugs.

Your cycling jiran.

Pearls & Gem said...

Will try to keep away from politics Lee but this one was 'bottling 'up for sometime .The 'genie' has to come out .

Pearls & Gem said...

Will try to keep away from politics Lee but this one was 'bottling 'up for sometime .The 'genie' has to come out .