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Pearls & Gem :Surah Al Masadd [ Letter 111 ]

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Tired and disappointed about discussing the world let us get back to the Glorious Quran for enlightenment .Surah Al Masadd ,revealed in Mekkah during the early period of Prophet Muhamad's Islam [ we take the premise that Adam ,Noah ,Ibrahim and Jesus were all prophets of the same Din , Islam] ,was very short and succinct :

"The power of Abu Lahab will perish ,and he will perish .[1]His wealth and gains will not exempt him .[2]He will be plunged in flaming fire ,[3]And his wife ,the wood carrier ,[4]Will have upon her neck a halter of palm fibre .[5]"

Abu Lahab represent 'corporate Arabia' ,and even though our Prophet's own paternal uncle ,was the main detractor against the new message brought by him .A question of status quo perhaps .Abu lahab's wife was Arwa .Both must have been massively 'blinded by rage and 'hasad' for Allah to permanently etched them both in the Quran along with Pharoah and Qarun as eternal example of what we should not be .

'Hasad' , the English equivalent is jealousy coupled with envy ,a very negative basic instinct .For instance ,the 'hasad' of the 'people of the book' ,that lead to a thousand year of' crusade' , will never end .Ignorance versus enlightenment , will never end until Doomsday .If Bush et al choose to fight against 1.5 billion Muslims ,they are doing it at their own peril .

Even Hind ,the wife of Abu Suffian ,another uncle ,was spared this' priveledge' of 'permanent mention' in history.Her fury was even worse . She was the lady who later during the Uhud campaign paid a black slave to specifically look for Saidina Hamzah , the Prophet's uncle ,speared him to death ,and she with fury and anger slashed open his chest and ate his heart and liver ! Such blind fury !She and Abu Suffian later accepted the Message .

Blind fury perhaps without 'hasad' could have been the saving grace for this couple .Abu Suffian's son ,Muawiyyah ,later played a dominant role in the political schism with Kalifah Ali Abu Talib . .Beyond Abu Bakar's caliphate ,political Islam began to show it's ugly face .

But back to Surah Al Masadd ,the Message in the Glorious Quran ,as always is universal and transcend time.We have Abu Lahabs and Abu Suffians today .We have Arwa and Hinds ,aplent .

I cannot but felt humbled by Sayyid Qutb's closing remark on the Surah :
"The humiliating picture of Abu Lahab and his wife has been recorded to last forever in the eternal book ,the Quran ,to show Allah's anger with them for their animosity to His Messenger and the idea he was advocating .All those who choose to take a similar attitude towards Islam ,therefore shall meet the same disgrace ,calamity and frustration ,both in this life and the Hereafter ,a fitting punishment and rewards ! "

Sayyid Qutb had had a 'bad' press since post 911 , and being dubbed as the philosopher behind the present Islamic radicalism and thought by some Western scholars as the provider of the necessary ' theological fuel' for Al Queda.The world tend to conveniently forget 50 years of Jewish piracy and maltreatment of Muslims in the holy land of Jeruselam ,being treated worse than animals , and centuries of Westerner's plunder and murders in Muslim hinterlands .No aknowledgement nor apology at all ! Just a wall of silence .These are the real building bricks of terrorism .

But we all student of Islam need not buy this kind of nonsensical zionist labelling . To the uninitiated kufr Western mind anyone who keeps a beard ,prays just 5 times a day ,do not consume alcohol or fornicate out of wedlock is a potential terrorist .

Soon there will be agents with their computers counting outside every major mosque in the West just studying who comes and go and all these will feed into a central computer . That is the nature of Western paranoia .Please do not bother their 'madness' ,study him at :

Make your own opinion of him .Most of his tafseer was done while under imprisonment during Gamal Abdul Nasser 's socialist regime .I personally find his interpretation and approach very beautiful .He was a literary genius and he understood the beauty and wisdom of the Quran better than most exegists who are non arabic speakers .Allahualam

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