Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pearls & Gem : M Fethullah Gullen

" Imagine a large palace with 1000 entrances ,999 of which are open and one of which appears to be closed .How can you claim that the palace cannot be entered .This is what unbelievers do by convincing their [ and others' ]attention only to the door which appear to be closed .The doors to God's existence are open to everybody who sincerely intent to enter through them "

M Fethullah Gullen ,Turkish Thinker ,writer .

Which remindered me of an earlier conversation I had with an eminent 'endurance' friend of mine in the USA ,a person steeped in a background of solid state and quantum physics [ see Tuesday May 13th 2008 :Big Bang and A century of Science ,under religion/philosophy ].One can see God in the elegant simplicity of the pi constant ,within the complexity of e=mc squared ,in the 'God Particle' ,in the Gauge Theory etc and etc .But if one choose only to be like Ibnu Arabi's 'keldai' that carry the sage's life collection of ilm ,one can go through life carrying the ilm without ever seeing through the wisdom ! A pity for all those lost souls .


Anonymous said...

Dear Nik,
Is it true when we got older, we tend to be more spiritual than before?

While you have been wondering, between warrior and ulama genes that you might have carried from your ancestors, your propensity to writing spirituality is probabaly due to your VMAT2 gene(s).

Absence of this so-called God gene(s) hard-wired in our genome is responsible for atheism, free thinker and agnostics.
When we got older, VMAT2 tend to be over-expressed or time-actuated expressive manifestation. Do you agree with me?

The brain of aging people or andropause men is likely to shrink, cramping numerous circuitry much closer than before, resulting apparently a much wiser person or full of wisdoms.

Do you believe in God gene(s) operating in the mind of gnostics, the presence of these genes making our phenotype more spiritual. Over expression of such genes (VMAT2)tranform a person into a prophet,a priest or an ulama.

I have read a book God Gene by geneticist (Dean Hamer) some years ago.
I know as a Muslim, we should reject such notion.

It reminds me of a Sufi poet, Hamzah Fanzuri who declared "Ku jumpa Tuhan di dalam diriku".


Pearls & Gem said...

Very profound thought Doc Rahmat !You must be reading too much Scientific American !

No doubt all things have a genetic propensity and oftentimes act at the neuro transmitter level in our brain neurons synaptic connections ,billions of them etc etc to put thing simply ,there is always a 'biochemical' basis for most things .What is life anyway to a hardcore biochemist : a 'sea' of biochemical reactions and interactions .

Homosexual preponderance has a genetic and thus a biochemical basis ,so is intrinsic depression and scheizophrenia [ of course scheizophrenia here is a bad choice because it is mainly genetic and strongly biochemical ,accepted ].Your choice of life partners etc etc

But given all these propensity we still have a lot of leeway to play [ see my blog on qada and qada' ]

VMAT2 or whatever genes they discover is just to put the onus of their irresponsibility of not having 'faith' on a 'God' which in the 1st place they dont believe .A skeptical view of a world gone mad due to materialism and positivism .

I believe why as we grow older we become more spiritual ,in the main ,due to the fact that ,increasingly it began to dawn upon us that ,yes , our mortality is really actual .

But as M Fathullah Gulen put it simply 'even if the palace has a 1000 entrance ,and only one appears to be closed 'millions like my unfortunate physicist friend will say it is indeed closed .

Faith ,my friend ,is a gift ,and not your god given right .You may be an Einstein or a Carl Sagan with an IQ of 180 but if you do not have the humility and not given 'the gift ' to look at the other 999 other entrances ,you remain outside the palace !

You will remain biblically 'deaf ,dumb and blind.'

That is why sometime it is better to be not too clever to the point of being 'angkoh' and insolent .

Of course if one is blessed with faith and also progress further to enhance ones knowledge [ religious ,scientific ,literary etc etc are all God's different aspect of knowledge supposed to remind of Him ],one's 'allahuakbar' at the opening of a simple prayer is a thousand time more blessed than a simple man's 'allahuakbar .

Why not ? The simpleton from the age of seven till seventy only take it as 'allah yang maha besar'.No progress . .How 'besar' he did not even care to fathom .The other chap in that single breath or moment sees the infinite greatness of Allah with all His 99 atributes .Ni belum lagi baca AlFatihah or the Tahiyat Akhir etc etc

Allahualam !

Anonymous said...

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