Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pearls & Gem : Perak Fiasco Revisited

"It is not merely of some importance ,but is of fundamental importance that Justice should not only be done ,but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done ."

Lord Chief Justice Hewart of Sussex

"The court will not inquire whether he did in fact favour one side unfairly ,Suffice it is that reasonable people might think he did .The reason is plain enough .Justice must be rooted in confidence and confidence is destroyed when right minded people go away thinking 'The judge is biased' ."

Lord Denning

"Now we know why the people of Perak and elsewhere in Malaysia are making harsh statement about the former Lord President and the current Sultan of Perak......It is a perception of the people that matters ,and the confidence of the people is destroyed when they go away thinking that he was biased :that he had been influenced by Najib ."

N H Chan ,former Court of Appeal judge .

" The million dollar question in '2009 Malaysia' is :must a sultan behave like a judge ,a man of wisdom or an absolute monarch .I dunno but I guess that is none of my business ,but if the institution wants to survive as long as the Sun rises in the East and sets down in the West ,they have all got to 'wise up' .

The answer probably is 'all of the above' .A God fearing absolute monarch ,wise in the ways of this modern world ,having the mind of either Lord Denning ,Hewart or better still our very own Salleh Abas .Why not ?An absolute Malay Monarch as described who 'hires and fires ' would be many times better than the present ,past and future 'bendaharas' who seemed to flout all rules of law ,practice nepotism ,condone corruption amongst junior colleagues ,lack the political will to change for the better and above all show no obvious indications and signs of fear for and accountability to God ..
[...see Sept 12 th ,2008 ,Pearls& Gem : I Put it To You,Sir or Who Amongst You Still wants To Be PM ?..religion/philosophy....and August 9th ,2008 : Is There Life Beyond Anwar and Najib ?..current affairs/politics ]

'They' make a meal out of the fact that MACC is going to bring to court an MB who distributed and slaughtered 46 cows for the poor [ I do not think he even get to 'eat' the meat ] ,forgetting the billions of ringgit the nation lost in term of possible 'distributive income' when a senior woman minister gave thousands of AP's to cronies and relatives ,IPP's that rob millions from the raayats to enrich just a few . [ the list of Malaysian billionaires recently released showed at least 5 Yo' wonder how come the 'Yo's are so 'cleber' !Uxbridge or Harvard Business School stuff probably or just nominees ? ] Hyper inflated ,substandard highways and byways . 200 millions RM 'soft soft ' loan to someone connected to another woman ex minister , who never deal with' lembu' , to invigorate the Malaysian lembu business .Make one wonder how many millions actually going to the business and how many going elsewhere.The bigger wonder would be whether the loan would at all be paid finally ?And that Javanese drama superclown ,KT , who make his now world famous 'non English' speaking predecessor comes out smelling like a fresh rose ! [ God forbids that he wins the 'erection' and be in contention for PM in 10 years time ] .

So on and so forth .Etc etc ,etc and etc .

Yes the raayats are already nauseated ad infinitum with all these antics .An absolute monarch would do better anytime than this bunch of clowns !At least a corrupt self serving bendahara could get summarily hanged right away or has his head chopped off and the 'heart' pain of the long suffering 'raayats' be dispensed with ! "

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

Hu HU Dr Nik , tough stuff that is.But I think you hit right where it should be.If only the royals and the woman x minister can read this.

Pearls & Gem said...

Ha Hafiz ,I am not sure X ministers read my stuff ,but yes some royals do and I have no problem with that because dari cucu cicit lagi kita 'royalist ' at heart .

That zubedy chap today in the Malay Mail wrote a compelling note to both camps [BN and Pakatan].Even Obama who went to Harvard is still cracking his brain and the best of his friends brains to settle their current economic meltdown .Our politicians from both the divide here are really living to their 'third' world billing talking about wanting to topple each other .

We got sick and tired that these clowns will be there for decades to come .Ni lah penyakit orang2 kita.

Anonymous said...

Ya, but it is too late for us to become politician. we would make good ministers because we are in a stage of life where we will not be corrupt anymore, just like Dr M when he assumed PM post.He already had everything a man wanted.Wife, family, wealth from private is a shame his boys ans girls ended up like this.He took too much good care of them..

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Nik,

I don't need to hang around a Kopitiam because you have given an insightful critique on current affairs.Spend my weekend reading.

One question, not related to the topic. A patient of mine from New Zealand ask me this question.
"Who is the best orthopaedic surgeon in Malaysia for Bilateral Total Hip Replacement?"
His protheses need replacement.
Please give 3 names.
The names that you would send your brother to have the replacement done.
Thank you.

Pearls & Gem said...

Sorry Rachmat for not responding earlier,I was in Kuala Kangsor sending my pre houseman daughter to this half month induction course to this LPKN place.By the time the 'psychological warfare people and the Kementerian Belia people finish with her and her houseman batch ,they will probably wake up every morning for the rest of their life singing Negara Ku and never to vote for Karpal or Anwar Ibrahim .Good for them !

Ring me personally lah friend about the ortho pods ! Not nice to give their names here .There is one in SDMC that I would go if i need one myself .

Anon ,human greed knows know bound that is why in the Divine Speech under "Hoarding " this was implied to without any reservation [refer to my earlier blog probably last month ].Dr M was doing excellently until his children come of age .That is not my opinion but the opinion of many .

By the way ,someone gave me an earful yesterday and call me an 'asshole' for being to blatant in my feeling .I forgave him because I think I am a 'good asshole' .