Monday, March 2, 2009

Not So Pearl & Gem : Our Very Own Malaysian Mae West

Quotable quote from our very own Malaysian 'Mae West' ,some years ago ,apparently to her tailor :

" I take everything ,big and small ! "

How very sexy .


Anonymous said...

Let us se what happen after March Dr NIk.i heard pakLah might comeback for a while if this Mongolian mess got messier.Dah sumpah kat mesjid ni barang berat.

Pearls & Gem said...

Hee Bruder ,who say this is anything Mongolian ! You could get me in big trouble !Your are too imaginative !I am alluding to a certain show biz personality lah Bruder .

But since you are on politics ,yes ,all of us I guess exceptinng those clowns in the 'youth wings' are a wee bit worried about April and beyond .

Just look at Perak ,one of NR 's handiwork :It is in a mess !

An apolitical institution [ supposedly ] get 'dirtied' and burnt rather unnecessarily by lack of wisdom .

Top People who are supposed to know better turning to the police for actions as if the police has the wisdom and legal duty to solve way beyond their heads .

The Dewan Negeri in tatters .

This just a preamble of what are to come in NR's Malaysia .

As I said in an earlier blog ,NR will have a tough time getting the respect he need to galvanize the country in the phase of global economic meltdown .

Polkadot said...

Talking about big and small, I was reminded the other day at how "small-minded" Malaysian media tend to be. I am surprised that two refineries coming up fast up north, never see the light of day in the media. Its the petty business of political mud slinging that gets all the media attention like Elizabeth private shoot, getting more coverage than more important issues. Do I detect that happenings in PAS Kedah dont make "news"?

Pearls & Gem said...

We deserve what we deserve .
We have 'tolerated' clowns as our political 'tuans' for long this 'tidakapathy' has permeated into the very fabric of our Malaysian psyche that it become ok to expect 2nd or 3rd best .

This is not only limited to politics now . This 'Malaysian tidakapathy' has permeated all branches of out lives ,even in sport management ,sad to say even in high profile sport like equestrian ,badminton etc etc .The 'moral corruption' starts from the top and we have lived with it for so long we 'gian' for it .

I know Kedah is about to get 2 oil refineries ,all 100 % by private enterprise but this has not made the news .It is not news worthy .From the Central Govt point of view if the Kedah people and Kelantan people has starvation tomorrow ,better still because it is easier for them to win the states .It is all about politics and power .No more ethics and integrity .No religion too .

Just take the case of Kelantan some 10 15 years back .People around Tok Bali and the surrounding area were happy their area would finally be like Kertih as Govt was going to develop petrochminal industriy as per Kertih from oil being found nearby .Lo and behold your very own revered Dr M gave the project to Southern Thailand just because by enriching Kelantan it would be difficult for BN to win over from PAS .This kind of pettiness in thinking of course was not reported by the Press at that time [ Kadir jasin was still in NST !!!].

We deserve the government we deserve .And a press that behave like apoodle .Shame on you guys !People like Kadir Jasin et al can say what they want to say now but when they can do something to uplift Press freedom they behave like poodle !

Polkadot said...

You may or may not be right wrt the old man, Dr M and Tok Bali petrochemical complex. I guess it depends on time really. I mean I heard the same old man is actually behind the scene in Pas Kedah refineries. So you may be wrong after all about the old man.

Pearls & Gem said...

He is from Kedah. He is already 84 and if by now he has not 'mellowed' and repent for the gross injustice he had done to Kelantan Malays and Muslims in particular and Kelantanese in general , we have all to 'pity' him At least his soul !

" I put it to you Mr Former PM ,during your substantive premiership of Malaysia which spanned over 2 decades ,you have not done anything substantive to uplift the economic and social well being of my ummah in Kelantan ! Do you agree or not ? Just yes and no please Sir "