Monday, March 23, 2009

Not So Pearl & Gem ; UMNO Erection

"Ali Rustam , by UMNO standard my friend, is very clean. That is why he is still the CM "

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

Hu hu Dr Nik I did not expect him at all to be caught and convicted by UMNO disc board and punished..When he was ast minis in pm deparment he used to follow Dr M wherever DR M went. I met both at the opening of Islamic doctor's assoc meeting at PWTC in 1997.Seemed a decent chap all right.Apa jadi lepas tu ? wallauaklam! uhu! Money and power can do things, can undo a lot too salamm

Anonymous said...

Hu Hu Dr Nik, itu ambo tak tau lah.Masa dia jadi ast minist at PM Dpt dulu dia selalu ikut Dr M sana sini.Pernahlah saya jabat tangan ngan dia lepas jabat tangan Dr M..Lepas tu (tahun 1997) AMBO TAK TAU APO JADI HUHU!

Pearls & Gem said...

That is precisely the problem in Malaysia today Fiz!

The delegates cannot accept Ali Rustam to be caught pasal hantu2 yang lain lagi teruk.

When Tengku Rithauddin suggested that The Youth,Wanita and Puteri wings be abolished to reduce 'money politics[ euphemism for corruption ] everybody including the PM and the ex Pm were up in arms.

Dah jadi 'darah daging' dah apa depa nak buat.Corruption,nepotism are already part of the accepted political culture in Malaysian public life ,fullstop.Kalau you tak buat you pencen as ordinary Minister macam Rais Yatim!

Just look ,who cares about what Rafidah replied to the public about the AP issue,or Khir Toyo'srrogance on the Balkis affair.etc etc etc and etc.

A British Minister had to resign because he cannot account for the free ticket given to him to spend 3 nights in new York after a transatlantic flight on business class.And he is not even Muslim ? Boleh buat serbi serbi tanpa ada undang2 tuhan .Their moral code and social expectations are excellent .We claim ourselves to be Muslims with rigorous codes and standard but behave like kufr all the way .No accountability ,no integrity and no honour .

We the public have been tolerating this for decades. This nonsense from our politicians and public servants.

Can NR change this scenario? I have my reservations.One scenario that is likely to happen in NR's Malaysia would be more people, under ISA, probably. That is what one would do if one is inadequate in many respect.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,
I'm apolitical. Pasai politik saya telah disingkirkan awal-awal (awai2).
Depa sembunyi borang keahlian UMNO. Saya suka melawak (bergurau) tanya 'mana borang UMNO? Selalu branch sec tepuk dahi, "Allah terlupa!"
Bek (Baik) di Kelana Jaya dan Langkawi, depa (mereka) dok tepuk dahi. (Terlupa) Dah 24 tahun terlupa terus.

Rahmat, Langkawi.