Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not So Pearl & Gem

" Beri salah.......Tak beri kalah "
" Dulu..Kini.....dan Selama lamanya "

The enduring credo of United Malay National Organisation. The largest,richest, and most powerful Malay political party in the whole wide world.

PS :" Yang beri pun kalah !"


Anonymous said...

Wallahu Aklam sama ada mereka akan kekal memerentah Dr Nik.No huhu for at least one week since kami berkabong!

Pearls & Gem said...

Given the lethargy in thinking and our world ranking 'tidakapathy' among us Malaysians, they are going to be there for a 'long long time'.

Just look at the Balqis affair, the AP affair, the Money market fiasco in the past[ that chap got actually promoted ], the TNB purchase of third rate coal field , and many others. All the clowns involved got promoted by the Boss!

We Malaysians are very forgiving.We vote in the same clowns and pirates year in and year out come GE !

Fiz, Takziah about your besan ,Doc Amin Tai.He is a very decent chap, always the 1 st I heard to volunteer to go to dangerous places in the world [Afganistan, Iraq, Acheh] and a lover of the outdoor. The malicious rumours making the round is totally unfair.
Personally I find Wednesday or Thursday afternoons as the ideal time to go out ,conquer the great outdoor,to destress oneself mid-week to motivate working further the rest of the days including Sundays. Nothing peculiar about it if your type of work is stress ++. Could happen to me.

May their souls be amongst the blessed ..

Pearls & Gem said...

"...Britain's Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's political future may be in jeopardy after it was revealed that her husband used her Commons expenses allowance to pay to watch pornographic films.." NST Monday 30th March

Over here Ministers can escape with 'murder' ,amass millions thru blatant corruption and nepotism ,and still snub their noses at the masses and say " I am innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law ".

Zero integrity ,zero accountability and shame on you guys, zero "fear of God" factor.

And they expect the simple policemen and 'kerani' to stop taking 'kopi money'.These clowns 'tak ada maruah' dan tak ada 'ugama'.

Pearls & Gem said...

....and yes we nearly got ourselves a future PM who had had his face 'sand papered' but so thick-skinned that he made that chap who cannot speak English come out smelling like a rose.

Almost there but thanks to 'superior' money politics does have it's role.KJ , if he learns his lesson well may make a better PM in 15 years time. If he mellow and collect wisdom along the way the next 15 years. Why not. Do we exactly have a choice , really?

Anonymous said...

Ya, a difficult choice on whom we shall rely to lead us in the future.the ones with integrity, honesty, non corrupt and with wisdom..Amiin.

Ya, Dr Amin Tai was finally prayed solat jenazah at 12mn on Saturday, buried half an hour later.Me and my two older sons have to stand in for Hezami his eldest son since he was still in the on the way back in the aircraft.So he missed seeing his father.Anyway even the sisters were not allowed to see anything except the shroud given the condition arwah Amin's body after two days in the ravine..

Today my daughter came back to join her husband's grief, I told her to concentrate on her job.We will see her in a few days time.She is a married woman..

And she left her mother there in UK when I sent her to tinjau anak anak di sana.Lucky ada adik lelaki di Durham, kalau tak maknya tentu nangis..That's life Dr Nik, Wallahuaklam.

Pearls & Gem said...


From Him we come , to Him we return.
The wise Muslim remembers death many time in a day but lives and work fully as if 'there is no tomorrow'..

He is essentially a 'child of the present'.Fiz, I do not know Doc Amin Tai but I suspect from his hobby and 'movements' and activities he tried to live life that way. May his soul be amonsgt the blessed.


Anonymous said...

Today afternoon I visited his grave alone in Sg Tangkas near UKM Bangi KTM station.His grave is marked no 122 since after his burial last saturday 3 other peope's remains have checked in.I managed to join the prayer for no 125 before I personally squat near his grave say 'hello' to his soul and said some doas... and he looked peaceful with all the fressh orchids and green leaves placed by his wife and children.Gitulah Dr NiK..