Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pearls & Gem : A Return To The Quran & Hadiths

America, NATO or whatever can fight their shadowy wars in Palestine, Afghanisthan, Iraq or Checnya, Iran or Sudan but there is no stopping the slow but sure progression of the Truth in people's mind and hearts. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe and America, the lands of democracy. Democracy is great for Islam.

We Muslims just need to return to the true spirit of the Quran and hadiths. Truth will do the rest of the work. So far globally we are such bad examples, we cannot blame the 'lost sheeps' in Denmark if they start burning the Quran tomorrow. Near home, the Chinese are not drawn to Islam because who wants to 'masuk Melayu': 'Melayu banyak penyakit'.

During the Byzantine era we were continually reminded of that enduring story of the small Muslim army with the governor leaving what is now called present day Syria ,fleeing from the only super power of that time , The Eastern Roman Empire. The Roman invasion did not materialize, and the Jews and Christians who formed the majority of the population pleaded with the Muslims to return and govern them. They did, and many centuries had past , then they had Assad and in nearby Egypt, Nasser, with their own brand of Islamic Socialism. What followed latter elsewhere was the ultimate 'sacralization' [ in pure Kelantanese linggo it is ' dok jubbo' or in more polite circle ,in Teganun term ,'dok belakang' ] and secularization of Islam.......

It is back to 'branding'.
"Sir, do you want it hot or Original?", as they always ask at KFC!

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

"Melayu banyak penyakit"

Suatu kebenaran yang sukar disangkal.

The word Malay from etymological point of view is degrading. "Mal" like malaria, malfunction or malady to present abnormal state. And 'lay' means a supine position like in resting. Literally and etymologically, Malay means abnormal resting state.

How Malays got their name?
When Europeans explored the new world in the SEA, they had to describe the races they found. Since they did not the name of the race, they used the word 'malaise' to describe people living along the Strait of Malacca.
I & Y are interchangeable , so the word transforms into Malai, Malay and Malayse.
It was important in slaves trading to describe the people they met. So Malays were not marketable even for slaves trade during colonial era. Ha hah.

Depa perli kita, kita tak faham

Rahmat. "Panggil Aku Melaju"

Anonymous said...

Wallah huaklam Dr Nik .with Islam we will go up to greater heights in the eyes of Allah and man

Pearls & Gem said...

...with the proviso we behave and uphold the true values of Islam.Looking at the news today when a former chief minister can spend 1.7 million rm of public fund to enjoy Disneyland with his family,there is no height for us to scale as 'consenting' ummah. We are totally responsible for this 'clowns' behaviour because we allow such nonsensical standard to go on for so long in our midst .

Kita sudah menyimpang jauh dari Sunnah dan spirit of the Quran .Kalifah Omar apabila di tanya olih anak beliau mengapa beliau hidup miskin dan merana ,tidak ada mahligai seperti Kaiser Rum meyatakan kepada anak beliau: " Ayah tidak mahu berpisah dari nabi dan para sahabat yang selesa hidup begini".

Today there is a change of government at the helm, I felt sick in the belly and feel like vomitting. Kita telah banyak menyimpang didalam norma2 hidup yang murni, we collectively are responsible in this continuing malaise when the 'profane can subjugate the sublime '. We allow this to happen. This is our collective guilt !

Anonymous said...

haqqan Dr Nik, memang kita sakit jiwa tengok.Tidak terlalu lambat untuk tengok pada diri kita dan baiki, anak dan isteri dan baiki, saudara dan kawan terdekat dan baiki.Kalau tidak satu generasi lagi habislah kita.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nik,

He impressed the public by cycling around villages. How come power tranforms a humble person into a 'King' (pseudo). Power corrupts! Yes, it is.

Pemimpin Melayu banyak kenser.

RahmatHarounHashim said...

Kunjungi saya di


Anonymous said...

He He Dr Nik , Dr Rahmat ni ajak saya gi blog dia.. susah ni nanti confuse yang mana satu..I am a simple minded straight old man..

Anonymous said...

He He Dr Nik , Dr Rahmat ni ajak saya gi blog dia.. susah ni nanti confuse yang mana satu..I am a simple minded straight old man.

Dear friend,
Dr Nik's blog is about spirituality. Dr Rahmat is about 'seni' or art.