Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Bang and a Century of Science[part2]:The True Nature of Reality


I was surfing an Islamic website, today and discovered a gem!!! This is Malaysian based website!!!. World class!!!Headed by Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi. No Dato'ship or Tan Seri-ship here, just the simple honorific Prof but his contribution to Truth here is better than a hundred Tan Sri's.

If you peruse through my earlier writings, on Tuesday 13th May 2008 I wrote on 'Surah al-Anbiya :The Big Bang and a Century of Science',my 2nd article in the blog in fact, after the celebrated 'Lina Joy' affair.
[also, Surah al-Anbiya 21 : 30, 'heavens and earth.' start from one point....May 18th, 2008.....].

I was lamenting on the inability of most Western physicists 'to see God' in their work. Their inability and refusal to see ' intelligent design' behind this universe, even though , of all people the physicists are the ones 'mapping out' the 'finger print' of God on this universe."Intelligent design' stood out like a sore 'elephant' in front of them! A high sense of 'ignorant arrogance' or most probably 'feigned ignorance' of the 1st order that 99 % of them missed it..

Any 2nd year science students across the globe would be familiar with Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle of matter. From there one proceed to the more 'hazy' and mind boggling Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and his famous formullae : E=MC squared where E is energy, M stood for Mass and C is a constant representing the speed of light[ 300,000 km per second!]. The collective'destructive' brains of this 'material' world of that time looked at this formullae, within the constraint , stress and rat race to get the 1st nuclear fission bomb during the 2nd World War, and lo and behold we have the 'atom' bomb with such destructive power 'tried' on the 'yellow perils' ie the Japanese. [ Why not on the Germans you may ask...Long story the historians may answer but again history is always written by the victors! Just look at Iraq ! ]

Actually ,E=MC squared, is the formullae that 'unites the spiritual ,'non material' world to the 'material world', according to the good professor. E stands for 'absolute light', that is light itself. M stands for 'relative light' that are made up of electrons,neutrons and protons.One do not see protons, neutrons or electrons but it is there.C is 300,000. You square it and that explain the collousal destruction that followed. On the other hand if you are 'rightly' guided, God willing, you would be able to see God, angels [ alam Malikut , from 'light'], and man from earth as the khalifah of this universe, in such elegant formullae.

Listen to the good Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi carefully in his 'elegant' and mind boogling audio presentation on The True Nature of Reality and 'intelligent design' at : http://
Go to section: Mechanism behind intelligent design, and enjoy the audio. He was the missing link I have been searching since may 2008. I knew for years after reading Abdal Qadir as-Sufi's seminal work, ' The way of Muhammad' ,that E= MC squared has higher meanings than what it seemed but could not put my finger on it .Now Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi had elegantly put it on the 'silver platter' for us all to fathom and gain an 'atom' of insight into God's work : God , the Absolute, malaikat from light, and man from 'earth', 'Time' before time,ten thousand billion billion stars starting from a 'point of singularity'[ Surah al-Anbiya, ayat 30... ], and Kun Fayakun, starting something from nothing!

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkin [ A short history of the universe ], Brian Green [ Elegant universe ], Leon Ledderman [ The God particle ], and above all the rest, Albert Einstein himself, all knew too much science but all these men of science, like those 'blind men' feeling the proverbial 'elephant' missed the crux of the matter when they are too proud and too arrogant to accept the truth and follow their conscience to where their knowledge lead them. You can have an IQ of 200 and the best read in the world but without 'hidayah' you are just like a donkey carrying a whole load of books! As the Quran succinctly puts it: " They repudiated them wrongly and haughtily, in spite of their own certainty about them. See the final fate of the corrupters." [ Surah an-Naml, 14 ]

GOd need no science to validate Him before ,now or in the future,but in 2009 when science reigned supreme in our psyche, and when one 'hamba allah' with a strong background of quantum physics come along who can justify the universe along scientific lines, then why not?I am proud to be Malaysian today!
Listen to Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi......

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

Waa! realm of physics, energy and matter.A revision in form five and six physics..will listen to the tape, insya allah dr Nik!

Pearls & Gem said...

Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi, American by birth, died about a year ago. "Harimau mati meninggal belangnya, manusia yang berilmu....jika kena dengan sentuhan iman dan ihsan...tinggalkan ilmu nya".

Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas ruh beliau dan tempatkan beliau diantara para syuhada.