Saturday, June 13, 2009

'Muslim Blood-letting' all across the globe.......


"Muslim blood-letting' is occuring with alarming regularity in the past and present. It is no longer on 'an individual basis' but also has been upgraded as a 'national sport' in some regions of the world. Just take the case of the recent massarce in Narathiwat, Southern Thailand when eleven people were machine gunned to death in a mosque. It sounds like Peshawar or Rawalpindi and the Thai government was fast in putting the blame on intra Muslim strife as the cause, assuming there are 'naive people' around the world able to accept whatever they put up with. One basic important ingredient was missing in the Patani Massarce,which is the sine qua non of all intra Muslim blood letting the world over: schism amongst the Muslims of Narathiwat, as there are in Pakistan. They are 100 % Sunni !

It is high time the Buddhist government of Thailand wake up and set their 'Southern House' in order. World Muslim tolerance of what is going on can only go so far. If you' cannot govern and feed 'your' people despite their differences in the way they pray, give them liberty or give them autonomy . Fifty years on and 'you' guys are still searching for a formulla. That is poor governance by any standard. 'You' are very lucky the Muslim world is so disunited and in disarray ! And for God sake please stop pointing fingers at your neighbours !

Prophet Muhammad[ peace be upon him] was 100 % spot on when he prophesised 1450 years ago, in a well known hadith sahih, that 'there will come a time in the future when Muslims would be pushed aside like flotsams in the ocean'. A sahabat asked him what was wrong with the Muslims, were they few in number and he replied that ' they were numerous then but they all have lost the spirit of Islam, they are Muslims in name only' to that effect as I recall.

OIC as usual looks on and say 'Oh I see'.

Dr Nik Howk
Read: Of Slow Temiang and tales from Yala.....under 'diary', Monday 6th April, 2009


Pearls & Gem said...

....what people are not saying is but on everyone's mind in Yala :...Buddhist vigilante gangs set up and massively armed by the aggressive, populist Thaksin regime...Allahualam.

RahmatHarounHashim said...

'You' are very lucky the Muslim world is so disunited and in disarray !

We have one Holy Book but four Mazhabs. Every Muslim agrees One God but practising many sects, apart from Syi'ah and Sunni. Not need to ago afar, back in (your) kampung, party members become vegetarians at other party members' kenduris. There were reported cases of sembahyang mayat twice, when the father of the dead man's party is different from his son. His comrades did not accept the sembahyang divine enough and had another prayer.
The differences did not end in the mosque but also at the kubur. So embarrassing to describe.
Still happening in villages.

Pearls & Gem said... if that is not enough, we are divided on our 'pendekatan': Wahabbi or Non Wahabbi. Locally, Tahlil or Non tahlil. This is 'ranting'2 to me.

At the international level, Sunni or Shiah....If you read the link on 'Peshawar Nights', you can almost feel 'the blood' of our brother Muslims still 'boiling' over their political differences 1400 years ago.

That is why even when we are 2.4 billions, we are just like 'flotsams' that get shoved aside by the ocean waves.

I wonder what goes on in IOC!!!!!??? While Obama, Immanuel et al plan and strategise and plan and plan.

Anonymous said...

too upset to comment Dr Nik, Mosques have bocome killing fields instead of praying field..may Allah grants the dead the status of 'syuhada' , with all the titles and jewellary and food and wine promised in the quran.I do not mind being one given all my past dosa..amiin!

Pearls & Gem said...

....I am more upset. half of my relatives are suffering in Southrn Thailand. Majority schooling up to only primary level. No jobs. Less than 5 % Govt jobs in the south are in the hands of Muslims.No prospect. Very little development. Thaksin Sinawat treat them like dirt,remeber the incident when young Muslim youths got packed in like sardine 2 years back in military trucks and many hundred died of asphyxia.Abbisit may not be much better.

The Northen Economic corridor in Kedah may open employment for these poor souls in the South.Kelantan has been a haven for employment for upteem years as far as i know.

If the Thais do not have the political resolute to solve their Southern problem ,let the South be autonomous, OIC can step in with petrodollars.....Rubber ,gaharus, minerals, agriculture ,oil palm etc etc .Properly manage Southern Thailand can be a haven for peace!

There is just no political will to bring peace and prosperity to the Muslim South !

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