Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Peace Possible in the Middle East ?

Is peace possible in the Middle East?
Is there political will in America today to solve the Palestinian-Israeli impasse?
Does Obama has a tangible chance to bring fairness, justice and peace to this troubled region?
....or does America and the West envisage subsequently radicalising the world's Muslim population to the point of Samuel Huntington's much prophesised 'Clash of Civilisation': A future ideological clash against perhaps 2 billion 'radicalised'Muslims for which we are certain the West could never win......

Bush, Angela Meckel, Cheny, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Blair, Obama et al can go on selling to the world their 'War against Terror' but the rest of the Muslim world are ,by the days, not buying it.Dr Mahathir is right in his perception:As long as the West avoid the 'root cause', steeped in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,our world would never have peace.

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