Thursday, September 10, 2009

A 'European Muslim' : Prof Tariq Ramadan

Prof Tariq Ramadan, taught theology in University of Oxford. 47, born and bred in Geneva,Switzerland, grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of Ikhwanul Muslimin.

Another 'purveyor of truth and peace' to the point his visa to the USA in order to take up a 3-year, proffesorial appointment at University of Notre Dame was cancelled, on the basis of his contribution to HAMAS and that he provided the 'intellectual fuel for radical Islamism'!!![ In this borderless world ,be careful even when you are doing your private things in the loo: Big brother is watching you !]

But then, he was also not wanted in some majority Muslim countries due to his eloquence on their dictatorial and 'non Islamic practice' and also his reformist agenda......

Discover him on the following Utube presentations:


Pearls & Gem said...

Tariq Ramadan
Pandai dia.Very articulate. Orang macamni yang boleh 'dan perlu 'bersiasah' dengan depa yang hanya sentiasa mencari 'lubang' untuk mencerca dan 'mentalibankan Islam dikaca mata dunia.Kita perlu ramai lagi bijak pandai macam dia yang bukan hanya tahu pasal Islam tapi tahu menepis duri2 dan jarum2 halus orientalis untuk menundukkan Islam.
Kaum2 Yang satu dalam Tiga dan Tiga dalam satu tidak dapat menjawab dengan baik ketidakrasionalnya pendirian depa, lalu mengambil posisi offensive terhadap Islam.
Kaum Sekular lain pula cerita nya.Jika anda tengok debat antara Ramadan dengan Sarkozy beliau terus mempersoalkan masaalah hudud viv a vis 'hukuman rejam. Saya beranggapan disini Ramadan mengambil posissi menangkis hujjah2 Sarkozy, dengan mengutarakan ' moratarium' sambil menunggu ijtihad ulama.My gut feeling is, in Europe that is our chink in the 'armour'.Sarkozy wants to trap Ramadan into saying ,Yes the Quran is wrong here.
Disini kita boleh nampak cucu Hassan Al Banna memang tidak mengeciwakan. The ulama' genes are still there!

Pearls & Gem said...

"Believers, persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strenghtened each other;and fear God; that you may prosper" [surah Al Imran, 3 : 200]

A clarion call to latter generations of Muslims who had the ignominy of centuries of plunder, massacre and colonialisation by their European neighbours.

A call to perseverance in suffering,endurance,tolerance and forgiveness and peace...addressed to all generations of Muslims everywhere. It is up to us to respond to it.

Anonymous said...

My God, he is clever!.Hassan al Banna was a teacher, not a religious graduate, and he set up Ikhwan Muslimin to deal with the problems of muslims in Egypt duting his time.Now come his grandson, a Swiss, dealing with the problems of muslim during our time..subhanallah!My two cent opinin, dr nik! (hafiz)

Pearls & Gem said...

Yes Fiz,
He is brilliant but of course the Orthodox schools may not like his approach , which grow out of neccesity of being a minority but in a democratic entity...
Instead of looking at a complete dichotomy of 'Darul Islam' and 'Darul Harb' as separate entities, Ramadan look to Europe and America as "Darul Da'awa" and "Darul Shahada"....The field is open wide for Universal Islam.

Despite their technological advancement and economic afluence ,the West has,for all intent and purpose lost their souls.Their values are mumbo jumbo. Universal Islam will help bring that soul back to the West.....Just watch how Sarkozy debate with Ramadan. His only interest is very narrow, just the defense of his adulterous way of life thus the accent on the hudud's Stoning, just that coming from a Head of State.

Islam is all the time talking about Peace, Forgiveness,Fairness, Justice and Freedom...Freedom from lust and depravity.People are not listening ,or people do not want to listen...

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Nik.
It's Pn Mahnun. You gave me your namecard and told me that there is no info on my problem in your blog. This is my first time visiting your blog and there is a lot of great things to read and to think of. Someone has to wake up from her dreams. Glad to have you as my Doc.