Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bagan Pinang

Back home,is tis going to be back to business as usual?
Or just the beginning of an end?
Or perhaps the end of a beginning?
More like neither a beginning nor end...

Mustaffa felt he would rather go out and burn those 'houses' of the absentees than be the imam
1400 years on we mortals have missed the essence of His message
We have forms but missed the substance
We have numbers but lack the voice

North , East, West and South
Syiah, Sunnis, Arabs, non Arabs
Malays,Indonesians,Wahabis,traditionist, transcendentalist,
Literalist,metaphoricist, modernist, European, American
Emasculated lions being lead by 'lost sheep'!

Just flotsams washed aside by the ocean waves......
Everywhere and anywhere.....

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