Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can We Still be Proud to be Malaysians?

"Teoh"s death:
80 % homicide,just 20 % suicide.
Dr Pornthip


Lingam Tapes: Closed!
No evidence found to prove abuse
in judicial appointments


Now tell me,
Can we still be proud to be Malaysians?
What happened to all our prayers?
What type of Muslims have we become?
Which Qur'an do we use?


Zanie said...

The same high court that dismissed sivakumar ruling in Perak now granted the right of Pandikar Amin to suspend Gorbind.

What is this? Siva a speaker cannot suspend the representatives yet Pandikar Amin also a speaker can suspend an MP? What justification is this? I hate being a Malaysian!

Pearls & Gem said...

"Hast thou not seen those who gave the grace of Allah in exchange for thanklessness and lead their people to the Abode of Loss,[14:28]
Even to hell? They are exposed thereto, A hapless end!"[14:29]

Anonymous said...
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Pearls & Gem said...

Ahem!...Such dangerous thought in a civil soceity but I can understand your sentiment my friend......Kena banyak astagfarr ni!Depa pun insan Allah juga.

I think the problem is one of perception.On the 'give and take part' the Bumis think they have given more than enough, the non Bumis feel they are getting the raw end of the deal..

Thanks to Ameno, on the ground and in reality, we have a'rich body' of Malays in politics and connected to politics [ very selected few actually, the families and friends of the political elites ]who have a stanglehold on projects and funding.But if we look around, the 'airwaves' is controlled by Ananda, via Astro and what have you.The 'gaming' and leisure is Berjaya and Gotongjaya.The Manufacturing and Banking is Kwaey Teow mainly.Plantation,adalah sikit PNB.

Where has we gone wrong?Mahatirism has produced corporate wizards who are now everywhere like lizards...Where is that Amin fellow for instance...?

This is where i quite disagree with TGNA and Husam who felt they cannot talk to NTR et al. Talk they must....
NTR pun kenalah offload some of his 'clowns'. He is carrying too much excess baggage.

There is always room for good governance , free of corruption, clean civil service and a strong judiciary, can we forge forward..We need God fearing people up there and in the middle, not clowns who feel it is their God given right to cut the cakes for themselves. A;ll these clowns ought to be put in jail or hanged. or sent to JAKIM's special place like they are sending that Malay Prophet fellow for a proper'reorientation of notions regarding religion and race.

The bottomline is if Numero Uno start to walk straight and seriously insist onall his people lower down to walk straight ,no matter what, he will win least in present day Malaysia. That seem to be the sentiment now among Malays, Chinese and Indians. That to me is One Malaysia...It is certainly not having one toilet for the teachers and school children...That is not the proper adab!

zulkefli said...

to zanie;
If you hate being a malaysian, what's stopping you from immigrating? why don't you just crossover the straits of m'cca and join the BENDERA group? The group hates malaysians and you'll feel right at home there. The fact that remains is that there are good m'sians as they are bad ones, "beautiful" ones as there are downright "ugly creatures", and so on. If you don't think things are not right, it is up to you to do something about it.
On another note, I agree with the good Doctor that 1Malaysia is beyond sharing 1Toilet. 1Malaysia is still very much "under construction".

Pearls & Gem said...

This is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
It is just the end of a beginning.

Winston Churchill