Thursday, December 24, 2009

Subject: A beautiful poem from Rabindranath Tagore......

Tan Sri,

Thanks for such beautiful, short poem you sent me. I am reminded rightaway of a small surah within the Juz Mukadam that we small kids of that age put to memory Surah Al Maoun [ small kindnesses ].An age in the sixties when authority came in the mould of either a 'guru Quran' with his 'rotan' or the bespectacled 'Mrs Wong' in the classrooms.

We in the Muslim world have become more 'unIslamic' by the days:...beggars and the poor not well looked after, poor accountability among the ruling class who act with impunity, absence of humility and kindness, crass materialism,gross corruption and incompetence among the elites.....too many examples of that within the Malaysian landscape of late, PKFZ ,even jet engines can get lost in broad daylight without any one taking responsibility.... all due to increasing materialism and godlessness in a society able to boast that we are gifted with The Book and the Sunnah.

In the West despite they being 'lost like lost sheep' their values are more Islamic: Democracy , equality, freedom , accountability, humility, welfare for the down and out, the single parents and what have you.

Perhaps it is time we Muslims,like the Israelites of Moses' time, should ask ourselves, " how come our daily prayers and the Quran have not empowered us towards universal betterment, if not better , at least almost near on par with the West?" I suspect part of the answer is provided by the simple short surah below:

"Have you seen him who denies our religion ?
It is he who harshly repels the orphan
And does not urge others to feed the needy
Woe to those who pray
but are heedless of their prayers
Who put on a show of piety,
but refuse to give even the smallest help to others "

[ Surah Al Maoun , 107 : 1-7 ]

Dr Nik Howk


RahmatHarounHashim said...

Malunya jadi Melayu Muslim hari ini atau sebaliknya. Bangga Melayu sudah jadi penjual fighter-jet engine's. Tiada berita suspek ditahan, dengan wang berpuluh juta hasil penjualan 2 enjin jet dan fail siasatan dikembali oleh Attorney-General kepada polis, entah berapa tahun pula nak selesai? Penjual-penjual enjin jet sudah sampai di Suriname atau Pantagonia. Mana tau. Malunya jadi Melayu Muslim.....

Pearls & Gem said...

No one dre ask who the definitive Defense Minister during the material time of the crime.

And we hope to acheive 1st world status in 2020.Malaysia Oh Malaysia

RahmatHarounHashim said...

The RMAF administrators are still talking about displinary action for a criminal act. No mention of Court-martial.
No wonder, recently some quaters accused Malaysia of illegal arm sales.
One day, some one will sell The Petronas Twin Towers or Masjid Negara and nobody knows anything until the new owner claim the property.

Pearls & Gem said...

We Malaysians 'sudah lali' with all these nonsense. In the late 80's a whole squadron of RMAF Sky Hawks got lost in the desert of America while under storage.No news .No inquiry. No big 'huhaw'.

What is Surah Al Maoun discussing about, 'small kindnesses', there is big bucks to made out there from manipulating NEP, ACER, NCER, Southern Corridors, racial politics and what have you.

Rahmat,you are an old goat! You are in the wrong profession!....