Sunday, July 25, 2010

Procedures in Medicine: Bypass Surgery [ CABG ]

part 1

part 2


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum and hi doc nik,
not really sure how to get to you, so i post my comments here for you to see.

My dad is one of your patient, he meets you quite frequently too, but let it be a secret of which one is it.

i am a medical student, currently studying in cairo, still in my theorical years, and i do hope to get some advice from you.

like many medical students, i do face tons of problems with our studies, let me take the heart for instance. in a way i really love learning bout it, a small amazing muscle. too bad, i can understand most part of it, but i got strangled on the memorizing part. as simple as this, how does angio-tensin system effect of heart, how does taube-herring mechanism works, or what is atrial volume reflex, and i got confused in between.

as a cardiac, could you give me some moderately simple ( i know there is no such thing as simple in meds) to actually master this confusing muscle. tq

p/s: if u dont mind, do send a copy of your reply to thanks again

Anonymous said...

sorry, typo error, cardiologist not cardiac, on my 5th paragraph. sorry,again

btw, just wondering, for a bypass surgery in malaysia, are we using the great saphenous vein or the internal mammary artery. just curious.thanks :-)

Pearls and Gem said...

we use both, svg and lima grafts. my colleague in sdmc even use the radial artery grafts.

you are in an enviable position, doing medicine in cairo....take up arabic, and learn the Quran as well, and your medical study will be easy, insya-allah. arabic and the Quran learning will make your brain more 'elastic' and 'expandable as you would need root words and arabic is a language very rich in root to the 'reflex thing' about the heart even i dont comprehend it easily and i am now a cardiologist !

dont worry, in life do not be bogged down by small issues, settle the big ones and the small ones will fall into their respective places.

enjoy cairo and its culture.'mix' around and dont just stick to the 'budu' people. envelope life as a whole and you will be a great all round doctor.....insyaallah !