Sunday, September 5, 2010

The State of The Nation.....

In the 60's Ghani Minhat and his boys used to run circles round the mighty Koreans and the Burmese defence. In the 70's, Soh Chin Aun, Dali Omar, and Mokhtar Dahari made people like Kamamoto of Japan looked like tortoise. Now Malaysian football is relegated to Cambodia class. Even the lowly Phillipines, who was 'every nation's 'lubok' in the 60's', may be able to beat us somedays.

Away from football, the Koreans and Japanese are now million miles apart from us. When the Korean Foreign Minister today sent in his resignation for alledged nepotism in giving his daughter a junior level job in his ministry, we Malaysians have to salute them. They indeed have reach that level of sophistication in nation building akin to being First World. Compare that with yesterday's local news in The Star:

"Tun Ling happy Tun M going to speak for him in court!".
With a photo to fit,showing him, accompanied by son and bodyguard, beaming from ear to ear. Are We Malaysians going to have to bear with yet another long series of nauseating window dressing and drama in court, ending probably with an inconclusive, open ended story: No one at fault..Just the system!

Was it Ku Li who two years ago said that had it not been for the long suffering, ordinary Malaysians, our politicians would have long time ago driven Malaysia into the gutter? Sounds too good for him to say that. I might be wrong about him. I think it could well be Zaid Ibrahim.

We are indeed already in the gutter in 2010!

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