Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tony Blair on... ' A Journey'

Tony Blair's memoir's initially preposterously titled 'The Journey', then changed to 'A Journey'.What can one say of a man who called his loyal deputy and successor, "zero in emotional quotient"?

He is just a bloody war criminal.....
He and Bush should be tried at The Hague for atrocities against humanity....fullstop.

1 million Iraqis dead
0.5 million Iraqi women being made widows
5 million Iraqi children orphaned
Total dismemberment of Iraq's social, cultural, infra structural services.
People living in shit and no food,no decent jobs, no future and no dignity.
A total human mess.....

And this fellow dare to speak elegantly about the morality and immorality of fox-hunting in Britain.
Thanks to these two clowns, most of the Muslim world have been permanently radicalised since Iraq.
Both Blair and Bush make Saddam Hussien looked so sweet, he could well be nominated for The Nobel Peace prize: at least the people of Iraq were kept well away from each other's throats when he was in the price of a couple thousands Kurds and Shiites. Small price compared to the one exacted by Blair and Bush.

Seven years on post 'War of Enduring Freedom' and the tempest is still not abetting.
Now the whole circus will move down to Iran.
Why the member states of OIC still remain poodles to the Israeli-driven UN Security Council and signatory to the Non Proliferation treaty is a mystery.

And 'schizophrenic' Blair, is still loose, plying his trade in the Middle East!.....As for Bush, probably back to his alcohol in Texas.
This is the ultimate in the immorality of political correctness.

Dr Nik Howk


RahmatHarounHashim said...

Dear Dr Nik,

A good read. I wish to send your short article to Mr Blair and Mr Bush.

US Armed Forces have left Iraq to give way for civil war to become protracted. Sadam in a way, was a good leader as he could tame various militant groups under controlled.


Pearls and Gem said...

Doc Rachmat,

You are just wasting your time probably. These two morons are in a state of denial, along with millions of their compatiots in Europe and America.

They just believe what they want to believe: That democracy is worth millions of Muslims lives. That the rest of the world need to be 'spiritually' uplifted. That they are the saviours of humanity.