Thursday, October 7, 2010

....all we ask....

[Just small things, not much ..By Sam Hamod]
....For Our Brothers and Sisters In Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia

We want very little
a sip of fresh water,
a small piece of bread,
perhaps an olive again,
if the trees have not been smashed,
a door my key will fit,
so I can go home,
so there are no more drones,
and when you come by,
in your heavily laden uniforms,
every now and then,
a smile,
and from Allah,
a bit of sunshine,
even some rain,
just small things,
not much,
a bit of fresh air,
without the smell of gunfire,
rockets or phosphorous,
just a sky clear of jets and rockets,
so that we may see
a sun that wanders off late in the afternoon
and a moon that whispers,
we shall sleep now,
tomorrow will be a better day-

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