Friday, October 29, 2010

The Martyrs Smile : Robert Fisk

This Robert Fisk documentary must have been conceived in the mid 90's but 15 years on I think the message and lesson of this documentary has yet to be learned and accepted ie the lack and non recognition of justice to a people whom the world has conveniently forgotten in the name of Western 'political correctness' in not having the courage and moral fibre in calling a 'spade a spade'.

Our world is still reeling from this inability of ours to be entirely honest with ourselves,The West despite all it's rhetorics and 'moral' goodness, is least of all interested in justice

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It is delusional and somewhat naive if we were to say the Western world's apathy in dealing with the injustice that had transpired in Bosnia, Chechnya, Khasmhir, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Gaza had no relation with 911.

The million dollar question is how many more 911 has to take place before America and the West wake up and own up to their responsibility of what had happened? That fact is standing out like a sore thumb, only the West cannot see it.
We know not all the deaths were due to American taxpayers bullets, or bombed from F16 or coming from American drones but American complicity in the running or rather the non-running of the United Nation and the Security Council are well documented and contributing to the problem in a big way and this is frankly sickening.

Why are some 15 millions or so Zionists able to hold some 7 billion people to ransom over what had happened some 75 years ago ?
Why is the world so paralysed to act rightly with a sense of justice ?

Back to my previous question of why we cannot be calling 'a spade a spade' ?

You are still not convinced!

Let us fast forward from 1990 back to 2009 and listen to some of the wisdom of Robert Fisk yet again:

..and surprisingly,the Khasmiri equation in the Afghanistan story,

As Robert Fisk put it succinctly, we come back a whole circle to two important elements:
Justice and freedom from occupation.....

"During my lifetime, America has been constantly waging war against much of humanity: impoverished people mostly, in stricken places."
John Pilger,
Australian award winning jounalist

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