Saturday, June 11, 2011

....are we Malaysians ready for good governance ?

With NTR's popularity on the upswing,
with Petronas foreign investments amounting to several billion USD [ rumours had it that 54 billion USD has been ordered 'home' by NTR, Allah forbid ! ]flooding the local bourses and Ringgit Malaysia bursting at the seams with' money money , money pouring out of all 'her' orifices and project, project, project ',
[ Bank negara top official confided to me yesterday we have no money...but this does not jive with the KLSE index being at 15000 plus plus. I think the rumours on the Petronas foreign fund probably is is flooding KL now. ]

with our our typical Malaysian 'tidakapathy and very short on memory and little on cerebration',
the million ringgit question remained : Are we Malaysians ready for good governance ?

click here for Mat Sabu's take on Hard Talk,

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