Friday, June 17, 2011

China : Geopolitical Power Play...

I was discussing world politics in the doctors common room at Sime Darby Medical Centre with a urological colleague of mine recently, Mr Kalai. an anglophile, who moved his practice back to KL some years back.

I told him this world would be a better place if The New Roman Empire, America, can limit itself from going to war all over the globe over oil, it's perceived fear of anything Islam and its geopolitical interests which include Israel. Dr Kalai, my friend told me he is more worried about China and it's bludgeoning interest and need for oil.

" Kalai, China is a toothless tiger at present.China may be in Tibet and East Turkmenistan but that is about all that the World will tolerate"

" Nik, have you seen the map of the disputed Sprately Islands frankly ?"
The answer was NO.

Now let us have a peep at the map:
click here

....China is dangerous in 10 to 15 years time when its economy ecclipse that of Japan and USA. It would just behave like USA now and walk thru into the Spratly Islands, and anyone in Kuching out fishing 20 kilometres away from the shore will need to get permission from the Chinese Navy because he is already in China !

China's nearest mainland is at least 1000 km away from the disputed zone. Brunei, Malaysia and Phillipines are within the 200 km Exclusive Economic Zone. Vietnam, at least for just the Spratlies, is 400 kilometres away but China is certainly very much out. What business has China staking a claim on the Spratelies?! China is already behaving like a big bully.Might as well claim Malacca since Hang Li Po and Cheng Hoe was there in fourteen hundred.

[Just because Ah leng or Ah Kow was there some years ago frying some kwaey teow does not a 'China make'. From the perspective of history, the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan were Malays. They were systematically 'killed' by Chiang kai Shek. They were known then as the ' hill people'. You can check that !]

China could be worse than USA in 2020 : A roitweiller unchained!
It is wisdom to settle the Sprately Islands dispute before the roitweiller is left unchained. We need another 'King Ghuz' here to speed things up when the UN and Security Council still has it clouts.

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