Monday, May 7, 2012

Still On Happiness........

For the third month in a row, I am still stuck on the nature of happiness and the subject of contentment.
Muslim sages and philosophers put it simply to returning to our original 'paradisial state'.
Our conciousness, all our souls, once before in a 'time before time' and 'space beyond space', on the day of Primordial Covenant, the ,Day of Alastu' in the realm of  the divine, were collectively asked:

"Am I not your Lord ?"[ Alas Tu Bi Rabbikum ? ]
We all answered in the affirmative:
" Yes, verily we testify... " [ Balaa Shahidna ]............{ surah al Araf, 7 : 172 }

Man, or 'insan' in Arabic, denotes  a 'state of forgetfulness'.
Man, perpetually in search of lasting happiness and contentment, need to get back to the original 'paradisial' state of remembrance and total submission........that is  the 'sine qua non' of happiness and contentment.

This is the Islamic position.

Prof Seyyed Hoessien Nasr addressing a mainly secular academia at Emory University,

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