Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book :' The Messenger '

Khadijah thought of seeking the opinion of her cousin, the Christian Waraqah ibn Nawfal. She went to him [ whether alone or with the Prophet is not clear ] and told him of Muhammad's experience. Waraqah recognized the signs he had been waiting for and answered without hesitation :
"Holy ! Holy ! By He who holds Waraqah's soul, it is the sublime Namus [ the friend of the secrets of Supreme Royalty, the angel bringing the sacred revelation ] who has come to Muhammad; the same who had come to Mosses. Indeed, Muhammad is the prophet of this people."

Later, during an encounter with Muhammad near the Kaabah, Waraqah was to add:
" You will certainly be called a liar, ill-treated, banished, and attacked. If I am alive then, God knows I will support you in His cause to victory! " Aishah reports that  Waraqah also said:
"Your people will will turn you away !" This startled the Prophet, and he asked:
"Will they turn me away?" Waraqah warned him:
" Indeed they will. No man has ever brought what you have brought and not been treated as an enemy!"

The Prophet's mission had only just began, and already he was allowed to grasp some of the fundamentals of the final Revelation as well as some of the truths that had been present throughout the history of prophecies among peoples............... 

exceprt from Tariq Ramadan's 'The Messenger : The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad'
Tariq Ramadan, a leading Muslim scholar, with a large following especially among young European and American Muslims. In his book, written for a wide audience, he offers a biography of the Prophet Muhammad, highlighting the spiritual and ethical teachings of one of the most influential figures in human history.
If you ask me, 'a bloody good read', even for the non-committed.

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