Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls and Gem from from Surah Abasa { letter 80 Verses 40 to 42 ]

Friends ,

Consider this conversation in corporate Arabia , in a coffee house , some 1400 years back :

A : Dato , Who is this chap I heard going around in the market place saying that he is the new 'Ibrahim' ? Havent we got enough of this nonsense already ?Anyway what is his background ? Has he gone to Harvard or Oxbridge ? Must be one of the son of that Hashemite oil trader ?

B : No lah Tan Sri , from what I heard he did not even know how to read .This chap did not even go to school even though his root is not bad.Somehow his 'servicing' must be good otherwise how can one explain that that rich widow ,apakahnama diadah, falls head over heels in love with him .The message he is spreading amongst the workers and ignorant fellas ,in my estimation Tan Sri could be damaging for business . Any way we could coerce the Home Minister to apply the ISA on him ,Tan Sri ?Already a few of my workers has gone AWOL !

A : ISA is not advisable yet lah Dato .Try to use the soft soft approach Ist lah .Past the word around that this is a mad fellow and try to discredit him some way or other .If this does not work ,only then we use the big stick ...

" And other faces on that Day with dust upon them [40] Veiled in darkness [41] These are the disbelievers , the wicked [42]

How succinct the above conversation .Could be even contemporary .Is he from Harvard or Oxbridge ? No lah Tan Sri ,just from an unknown pondok somewhere in Kelantan .....apakahnamadiadah...Nik Aziz something...and then somehow this chap go and polish somewhere in India .Giving us a lot of problem though !.That took place some 40 years back in a coffee house somewhere in downtown KL.

Dr nik Howk

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