Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls and Gem from Surah A Waqia [Letter 56 Verses 4-10 ]

Friends ,

Was just ' lepaking ' thru Surah Al Waqia after going thru the innuedos and 'perli' style of Surah Al Rahman . Al Waqia interestingly described 3 classes of people .

I have hurriedly gone thru Al Waqia before many2 times and somehow due to' preconceived biase ' always comphrehend that there are only 2 classes of people in heaven but yes truly are there 3 classes ,macam panggong wayang juga : The priveledged or the reserved class , the first class , and the third class .Reminded me of my childhood days in KB in the early 60's .

Panggong Rani cinema near Lorong Tua [ pronounce not as 'tua' in old but tua with a nasal twang ,compatible with it being the 3rd rate infamous red light district right smack in KB apart from the world famous Biarizt Park fringing the present day Palm Manor , the present Tengku Razaleight Hamzah's father's palatial house ]. Reserve class only for Royalties and the gliterati of KB though none of these priveledged creatures would be seen alive or dead anywhere near Rani Cinema by virtue of proximity to lorong Tua .

Lido and Odean are the only respectable place to be seen for these people .Lido and Odean were several scales beyond my small pocket.At 10 cent per day of pocket money that would be 3 weeks of going hungry just to get into cattle class at Odean ,the happening place to be seen those days !

Rani's 1st class at RM was $ 1.00 per show and the cattle class at just 40 cents .I would have to save 4 days of school pocket money to get to see John Wyne and occasionally the buxom Marilyn Monroe in cattle class .In the cattle class one has to share the seat with some permanent residence like pijats and cockroaches but at 40 cents young juveniles like me could saviour weeks and weeks of Marilyn Monroe so what the heck .It was heaven !

" When the earth is shaken with a shock [ 4 ] And the hills are ground to powder [5 ] So that they become scattered dust ,[ 6 ] and ye will be three kinds [ 7 ] First those on the right hand, what of those on the right hand ? [ 8 ] And then those on the left hand , what of those on the left hand ? [9 ] And the foremost in the race , the foremost in the race [ 10 ]

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha ! Tomorrow around Isyak our time coinciding with zohor wukuf time in Mecca there is no veil between the abdals and the Master .Best time ever in the whole year for doa's and all that jazz .Make full use of that short time window .Wassalam

Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

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