Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls and Gem from Surah Al Takathur [ Letter 102 verses 1 to 7 ]

Friends ,

Surah Al Takathur ,like most surahs from Juz 30 ,is wholesomely self explanatory , revealed during the Mekkan era ,

" Rivalry for worldly gain distracts you , until you visit the graves [1] Indeed you shall know! [2] Again , you shall certainly come to know [3] Indeed , were you to have certain knowledge [4] You shall certainly see the fire of Hell [5] Yes , you will it with your eyes [6] Then on that day , you shall be questioned about your joys and comfort [7]

Totally self explanatory indeed ! But still I find Syed Qutb's insight of the surah very haunting and bites deep into the psyche even a decade after reading it :
" You drunken confused lot ! You take delight and indulge in rivalry for wealth , children and the pleasures of this life from which you are sure to depart ! You are absorbed with what you have ,unaware of what comes afterwards ! You will leave the object of this rivalry , and what you seek pride in and go to a narrow hole in the ground wherein there is no rivalry or pride ! Wake up and look around! For indeed " rivalry for worldly gain distracts you until you visit your graves "

Shortly after finishing his tafseer of Juz 30 , while in Gamel Nasser's prison , he was hanged for high treason . But guys like him live forever!

Dr Nik Howk

PS :

To the Bedoiun people and even 'corporate' arabs of 14th century Arabia ,and I suspect even now ,having a lot of children especially male children around them is a status symbol of power and wealth .To the point that one is not known by one's name but rather called fondly as in your case as your eldest son's father [ Ahmad Ramli become Abuya Rafik ] .

Having many children also mean inherrently" berani enough" and able enough to have as many wives[ or gundek ] as legally allowed. Berani there is not in the present sense but more in the economic sense .We now have all been figuratively 'castrated' .

In the Quran as well you get to come across several time this phrase '' wealth ,wives and children as fitnah subsequently to you'' .Wives wealth and children ' when you have abundance of them are certainly status symbols of that time and even now but when not properly managed and 'educated' in the proper' adab' would be a burden for you even when you are alive as well as as when you already 6 feet underground .For example a chap who get easily 20 million rm kick back from a PLUS highway project may due to his new found wealth got entangled with a swinging swt ,able to send all his young underage kids to English public schools ,and dampen his 1st wife anger with a lot of money who subsequently get back to him by finding her own toy boy etc etc .

A good scenario for future headache while still alive and unaccountability for all their actions when dead ,especially the Oxbridge educated offsprings who perhaps do not even know how to "mengucap" let alone pray . .

Wealth , position ,power and children all are potential ''fitnah '' to you in that small hole of yours in the ground ,if you do not handle them with proper 'adab' when you are alive !

Kalau semua orang faham ini tidak adalah politik wang dalam UMNO sekarang. Nice to be rich , famous and powerful but remember there is also a lot of grace as well in being poor and powerless.

A case of excess baggage vs travelling light .Allah is fair .Allahualam .

Dr Nik Howk

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