Friday, May 23, 2008

Not So Pearls & Gem :Nik Isahak

" Life[and for that matter death]is a mind game ."

Appears crazy .But in life we have a finite way of choosing ,within a broad leeway of limitation ,how we would like to 'colour' it .Black ,white ,gray even red or purple !
That to most people is acceptable .In death ,even a mind game !This chap is crazy !

At the moment of death or precisely at the brink of death ,when measured in finite time ,may be short , but is it really ?From the Muslim perspective ,all of will meet Mr Izra'il at that moment in time .We are encouraged to 'doa' thruout our life to have a 'peaceful' moment of death :husnul khatimah .Not suul khatimah .What precisely would determine whether we go upward meaning 'husnul' or have a downward spiral as in 'suul'?Allahualam !This has to do with how we lead our lives as preamble to that 'brink' in time at the precise moment before we exit this earthly life go thru the exit door thru to Alam Baka' for another millenium or so !What would determine our state of mind at that point in time to choose the proverbial 'cup of milk' rather than 'wine' when offered by that foxy Mr Iblis at a time when neither wealth or any number of childrens [ or wives ] we have can help us .That is the mind game .

We have to prepare our minds with ILM for that . Back to Ilmu ,Ilmu , Ilmu and Ilmu .But ilm alone is not enough .John esposito has got a lot of ilm about Islam ,so are all the orientalists !With hidayah from Allah ,with ilm we proceed to iman and amal .

That was why Allah started His revelation to Muhammad[ pbhuh] with "IQRA...! .

Allahualam !

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