Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surah Al Maida [ Letter 5 , Verses 72 , 73 , 75 ]

Pete ,

The Good Lord went on further to say ,in Surah Al Maida Verses 72 , 73 , 75 the following :

" They surely disbelieve who say : Lo ! Allah is the Messiah , son of Mary .The Messiah [himself] said: O Children of Israel ,worship Allah ,my Lord and your lord . Lo ! whoso ascribeth partners unto Him , for Allah hath forbidden paradise.His abode is the Fire .For evil doers there will be no helpers .[72] They surely disbelieve who say : Lo ! Allah is the third of three , when there is no God save the One God . If they desist not from so saying , a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve. [73]
The Messiah ,son of Mary,was no other than a messenger ,messengers [ the like of whom] had passed away before him .And his mother was a saintly woman . And they both eat earthly food.See how We make the rev
tions clear for them , and how they turned away [75] "

Paul et al certainly have a heavy burden on their shoulders ! " Mereka bukan sahaja sesat tetapi menyesatkan "

Dr Nik

PS : A more 'emotional' rendition of the quran for people who are familiar with biblical stories and history would be the Surah Mariam
.A group of Muslims during the early Mekkan days ,to escape the persecution from their jahiliah brethrens in Mecca migrated to the then Christian Abbysinia.Upon presentation to the Christian King there one of them recite the whole Surah Mariam [ a relatively short Surah ] to the royal congregation . The King afforded them protection and soon after that embraced Islam .Earlier bibles and gospels , like Bible of St Barnabas alluded to the coming of 'The Chosen One ,ie 'The Mustapha ' but these were 'secreted' away .It is said and i am not sure whether this is true the original copy in Aramaic language still exist in the inner sanctum of the papal library in The Vatican and forbidden forever for examination by mere mortals except the Pope himself .Exceprt copies however are sold everywhere . I have got a copy myself but reading is very very dry .In term of dryness though cannot beat our very own Prof Syed Naguib's "Prolegomina To the Metaphysics of Islam " .An instant double dose sleeping pill .I have been stuck at chapter 4 for the last 5 years .Contemporary Muslim scholars of his calbre are rare ,home grown much rarer still but small brained local politicians ,like Sanusi Junid ,thinks these people grow on rubber tress , was thrown out of ISTAC [ Islamic Thought and civilisation] for not thinking small like them .

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