Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls and Gem from Surah Hud [ Letter 11 , Verses 74 to 78]

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Interestingly while some Ayats in the Quran have hidden 'meanings' requiring tafsir reading etc etc [ Ayat2 muthashabihah , correct me if I am wrong Aad ] , a great majority are self explanatory as the following in Surah Hud :

"And when the awe departed from Abraham ,and the glad news reached him , he pleaded with Us on behalf of the folk of Lot [74] .Lo ! Abraham was mild , imploring , penitent [75] .{It was said } O Abraham ! Forsake this ! Thy Lord's commandment hath gone forth , and Lo! there cometh unto them a doom which cannot be repelled[76] .And when our messengers came upon Lot , he was distressed and knew not how to protect them. He said :This is a distressful day[77] .And his people came running unto him , running towards him--and before they used to commit abominations---He said :O my people ! Here are my daughters ! They are purer for you . Beware of Allah , and degrade me not in [ the presence of ] my guests .Is there not amongst you any upright men ?[78] "

Implicit from the above Ayats in the Torah ,Bible , and the Quran was that Abraham and Lot were contemporaries . A group of messengers gave Abraham and his 1st wife Sarah a visit to tell the good news about their impending 'gift' ie the coming of Ishak at such a late late age for both of them .Before bidding farewell this group told Abraham they were visiting Lot as well as lesbianism and homosexuality were rampant and out of control amongst his people. Even his wife was at it . As you can see Lot's distress was really monumental as his people were even lustful towards his "clean shavened and well dressed visitors" . The rest was history !

These wonderful" biblical "stories in the Quran ,visit and revisited , keep me awake and every time you read and reread them ,you get a new perspective . Masha allah !!

Dr Nik Howk

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