Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friends ,

Read .Little by little . Everyday
of the year .Insyallah I can assure you life would not be the same
again .While we are in mid Ramadhan ,get a copy of Khuram Murad's
translation of" Khutabat Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi " under the new
title of" Let Us Be Muslim " .I bought mine in Merlbourne .You could
probably get it here in KL at Kinokunya KLCC . Mawdudi was a resurgent

Islamic scholar in Punjab in the early 40's and in the book he
addressed mainly the peasant farmers in Punjab at that time
Repartration but his message is nonetheless universal and timeless
more so in this era of Islamophobia and Muslim bashing as evidenced
so much in this post 911 era .

Reading his book is like walking up a
gentle hill and at the end chapter you fall down from a cliff just
very suddenly .Hamid Karzai ,Bush and Blair et al would probably
arrange for a 'decent accident ' for scholars like Mawdudi .
You will be empowered .

You may wonder what empowerment
may do to you .It is a 'dirty' word mostly used by feminists and the
corporate guys .Here it means total freedom except from The One And
Only . In Kelantanese lingo it is termed Gedebe !

The Kelantanese
always have specific terms for everything . Angina which is chest
pain due to ischaemic heart in Kelantan is called 'sekok ' .I have not
come across a more precise term for this ailment in any other
Malaysian dialects .

Dr Nik Howk
30th January 2008