Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Friends ,

Welcome to my Blog .I started my medical career almost exactly 30 years ago ,having graduated from University Malaya in 1978 with MBBS [ bloody hell , it felt like just yesterday when that SYT in that familiar polka dot kebaya passed me by for a senior gentleman for the annual college barn dance !].Now I am a resident "plumber" at one of the premier hospital in Selangor .

Mainly involved on a daily basis in unblocking people's blocked coronories ,and significantly now I keep seeing increasing numbers of people and friends with 'blocked' souls .While the former contribute to my 'bread and butter' existence for which I am thankful to Allah for the "rezeki' and at the same time afforded me with immense intellectual and spiritual pleasure ,it is the latter group that propel me further to know my 'Din' deeper .

For this I must thank the late Prof Hamka for showing me the light through this dark tunnel called 'life' .His voluminous ,ten volume Tafsir Al Azhar which I have gone through twice during those wild days of my youth, reading a page at a time ,sometime many pages at one go ,slowly and surely the 'rust' of jahiliah peeled away to open my mind and soul to the mysteries called 'Islam'.Latter on in life the readings of the venerable Syeikh Ab-dal Kadir al Jilani ,Rumi and Ibnu Arabi et al further provided me with the premise 'to soar' and open my uneducated simple mind to the infinite beauty and timelessness of the Glorious Quran ....

I dedicate this blog to all my friends ,patients with blocked arteries and blocked souls all of whom enriched my life immensely .We met at 'these crossroads' and thought these are incidents of time, but my friends ours have been predecided long before time in the realm of the Unseen .It is a great pleasure and I sincerely hope this is mutual !

Dr Nik Howk

January 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi, only today, I manage to get to the most important point of your blog, the introduction! Just want to know what sets you off on this blogging thing. For people like me, elderly "young women" of the 1970's, blogging is relatively unfamiliar actually.

Pearls & Gem said...

Youth ,my dear,is not a matter of age but indeed is a state of mind .

I started my 'collection' of Pearls and Gem from last year ,using the gmail as storage and invading into the space and privacy of whoever I think were 'my friends' .When it become apparent to me recently that blogging is 'trendy' , I just join the bandwagon .

Why do I blog ?I want to share the message of the Glorious Quran with my friends .Some people think it 'constrict' one's viewpoint . In actual fact it is a great 'liberalising' experience ,at least for me .You find you are no longer beholden to anyone ! And that is a blissful feeling .