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FW: [jublintan65] Pearl and Gem : A Day in the Life of a Ritual Muslim

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Since someone famous[ by now a world famous blogger] brought up the subject of 'ritual Muslim' recently with the conjecture that it is alright to 'wine , dine and be merry' and thus the label 'ritual muslim', a contemporary man of the world ,all knowing,all sensing but still essentially MUSLIM.Let us examine a typical schematic day in the life of what a real'ritual muslim' go through .He usually wakes up at the break of dawn or before . His Ist doa of the day on sitting up in bed would be :' Praise be to the Lord who has given me back my life after my death .........' . .The Azan from the mosque,if he lives near one ,is his 'hotel' wake up call .Usually goes to do mosque for the Ist congregational prayer of the day or does Subuh with his family ,waking up the still sleepy wife and children.More often than not the wife and children will grumble but wake up all the same .Typical household !

'In the name of Allah ,the Beneficient,the Merciful ,[1] Praise be to Allah ,Lord of the Worlds [2]The Beneficient ,the Merciful [2]Owner of the day of Judgement ,[4]Thee alone we worship ,Thee alone we ask for help .[5]Show us the straight path ,[6]The path of those whom Thou ha s favoured .Not the path of those who go astray .[7] '

Who are those that 'Thou has favoured ' and 'those that go astray ' you may ask ?Most experts and ulamak in tafseer thought the favoured ones are the early Jews , recalcitrant followers of Isaac ,Jacob ,David ,Solomon and a string of prophets following them .They were the 'favoured ones' and the present day descendents still think so as the rest of the world are just ' monkeys ' .'Those who go astray' , ulamak in tafseer mostly held the view these are the 'lost sheeps' following St Paul's 1 in 3 and 3 in 1.They wandered away form the basic teaching of Jesus who carried down the Message brought down from Abraham .What about the rest ? Also' lost sheeps' I suppose .
We go back to the 'ritual Muslim' .After Subuh he went off to the marketplace .As labourer trying to earn his daily morsel of rezeki .As office worker ,manager , boss ,doctor ,engineer ,teacher ,housewife ,leader of commerce ,politician ,maybe even Prime Minister .Bearing the burden and mission statement of Surah Al Fatihah .Come Zohor ,Asar ,Magrib and finally Isyak ,he is again reminded of his mission statement to just remain 'on the straight path ' ,veering neither to the left nor to the right and most importantly not to go ' astray ' .When the time come for him to retire at night ,in the privacy of his bed he read the following short Surahs :

'Say : I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind ,[1]The King of mankind ,[2]The God of mankind ,[3]From the evil of the Sneaking Whisperer ,[4]Who whispered in the hearts of man ,[5] of Jinn and of mankind.[6]' .................Surah An Nas {Letter 114 ]

'Say : I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak[1]From the evil of that He created ,[2]From the evil of the darkness which it is intense ,[3]And from the evil of malignant witchcraft .[4]And from the evil of the envier when he envieth .[5] '..SurahAl Falak

'Say :He is Allah ,the One ! [1]Allah the eternally Besought of all [2]He begeteth not nor was begotten[3] And there is none comparable to Him [4]
Surah Al Ikhlas [ Letter 112]

Then the ritual Muslim takes his final Shahadah for the day :' There is no god but Allah ,and Muhammad is His messenger ' .With that finality he goes to sleep knowing that yet again his soul will return to the lap of his Maker , like any other thousand nights before ,and with the positive hope that if his maker so decide to not let his soul back to him in the coming morning ,that at least he will be counted amongst ' the blessed souls' of the 'sadikins , the syuhadas and the shahabats' . Positive hopes .Not as bad as you might have been told , this 'animal' called 'ritual Muslim '

Unfortunately people like Raja Petra ,members of SIS [ I would rather call them SOS ] and even some SYT's writing for NST ,Malay Mail etc etc have their own 'liberal' definition of the personality embodying the man known as 'Ritual Muslim ' .By their liberal definition ,everything goes .Mashaallah !

Dr Nik Howk

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